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Full Throttle
03/29/17 12:59:18 AM

Would you ever live with a stranger as roommates?

24 y/o Whacko, Randy Herman from Florida brutally stabbed his 21 y/o roommate, Brooke Preston to death just after she HUGGED him to say goodbye and was leaving to move in with her boyfriend!!

She came to the house to say farewell before he gave her a shirt as a parting gift with a T-shirt honouring their mutual friend and hugged each other goodbye...before he went on a crazed attack and stabbed her in the THROAT, abdomen and back...

Brooke came to say goodbye because she was moving back to Pennsylvania where she was going to start her career in journalism..

Randy is now charged with 1st degree murder

Both of them lived as roommates in a home at West Palm Beach as there was no evidence their relationship was more than that. She moved out of the home and planned to move back to Pennysylvania with her boyfriend and went to visit him to say goodbye.

The meeting was "cordial" as the 2 embraced but suddenly Randy snapped and took out his hunting knife and killed Brooke.

Brooke also had defensive wounds to her hand as she tried to fight back..

After the murder, Randy drove to a Park and phoned 911 to say someone was murdered and said it was him and he was sorry..

A friend visited Randy before the day of the murder and said he left because he was acting weird and drunk and she didn't feel comfortable spending the night at his house..

Randy also texted his mother to say he loved her as he knew he was going to prison and CRIED during questioning

Randy's 53 y/o father, Randy Sr was also accused of MURDER in 2015 of his 50 y/o girlfriend, Gail Monahan..2 months later he was found dead in a truck as police closed in on him in Alabama

Would you ever live with a stranger as a roommate?

Brooke - Deceased

Randy - Murderer

Where they lived -

Randy Sr - Dad/Dead

Gail - Deceased
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03/29/17 1:01:28 AM

poor girl
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03/29/17 1:03:08 AM

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03/29/17 1:03:40 AM

There's nothing quite like cuckrage.

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03/31/17 2:59:05 AM

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03/31/17 3:03:34 AM

Full Throttle posted...
from Florida

I'm the devil, and I'm here to do the devil's work.
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03/31/17 3:07:29 AM

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03/31/17 3:09:53 AM

slothica posted...
Full Throttle posted...
from Florida

nuff said.
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03/31/17 3:41:17 AM

I can't help but think he was a super beta.

This is why a lot of cemen scare me.
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04/02/17 3:37:24 AM

Looks like a perfect thing to make light of.

I wish this asshole was still banned.
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04/02/17 6:14:24 AM

that murderer looks like a big fat manbaby
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04/03/17 10:13:39 PM

I've lived with a random twice.....1st year college dorms and 3rd year with a random off craigslist.

1st guy was chill af, we had similar interests, it was cool. He was just a pothead who was out til 2am every day smoking and drinking. I slept at 9-10pm every day and got up early and studied. He got kicked out of school. But he was always respectful.

2nd guy was a wierdo. It was this 400lb neckbeard who played computer games all day, at out every day, drank energy drinks all day. Guy's typical meal would be like a little cesaers pizza and a 2L with a chocolate cake. He actually got diabetes that years. He also got kicked out of school. I had no problem with his lifestyle but he would cook all the time and leave his dishes in the sink and never wash them. Ihad to talk to him twice throughout the year to not leave dirty dishes in the sink too long. Guy was just lazy as fuck. I offered if he wanted to kick it with me and my friends, maybe go out, he would just pre-game with us, not socialize while drinking, then go back to his room quietly.
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04/03/17 10:17:03 PM

Must be hereditary.
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04/03/17 10:18:36 PM

I like going on CE to learn about all the terrible murders and tortures going on in the world on the daily. This is not a questionable hobby at all and I am a mentally balanced individual
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04/05/17 11:27:31 PM

Cartwheel_Kick posted...
I like going on CE to learn about all the terrible murders and tortures going on in the world on the daily. This is not a questionable hobby at all and I am a mentally balanced individual

Yes it is. Otherwise they wouldn't be on the news for everyone to do just that
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