Current Events > This Florida Couple Raped their 11 Biological, Adopted AND Foster Kids!!

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Full Throttle
03/14/17 1:36:28 AM

How many kids is TOO many for a family to raise?

Florida Sickos, 52 y/o Jenise Spurgeon and her husband, 47 y/o Daniel Spurgeon are charged with more than 300 counts EACH of Child Sex Abuse involving 11 of their biological, adopted AND foster children!!

There was an outstanding warrant against them of allegations of sex abuse in Florence, Alabama as detectives in the state were contacted by Florida police about these freaks

Daniel is facing more than 100 counts of each first degree of sexual abuse, child abuse and enticing a child for immporal purposes. Other charges include sodomy, sexual torture, rape, domestic violence by strangulation, incest and human trafficking

Jenise has 100 counts against her of child abuse, endangering the welfare of a child and enticing a child for immoral purposes and domestic violence by strangulation and 11 counts of human trafficking

The age ranges of these children are toddlers to teenagers. One of the foster children who is now 19 had moved out and made the allegations against them who claimed was raped when she was 12-16 while living in Alabama..

How many Kids is TOO many for a family to have?

Jenise and Daniel - Pedophiles

Younger picture of them -
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03/14/17 1:48:37 AM

What the fuck. What the fuck
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03/14/17 1:50:48 AM

fucking Florida
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03/14/17 2:05:54 AM

She has ugly feet
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03/16/17 1:06:22 AM

That is fucked
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03/16/17 1:08:56 AM

How did they get away with it in Alabama?
Am I going too hard?
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03/18/17 1:54:33 AM

Death penalty
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03/18/17 1:57:03 AM

I hate how they look so normal. You always expect these people to look like The Hills Have Eyes.
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03/18/17 2:04:17 AM

Close your account.
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03/18/17 2:18:34 AM

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03/26/17 12:02:07 AM

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03/29/17 12:21:31 PM

How the fuck do these types of people find each other. I heard about a couple once while I was in the military that did this. Like.. who's like ... "Honey... let's diddle some children" What's the chance of success there? Like 1 in 10,000; 100,000; 1,000,000?

And (just for the sake of argument) who let's one of the kids they raped just leave on their own...? How could these two brainiacs not see this coming?

What must go on in the mind of these sick fucks. Their minds clearly don't work like normal human beings (not even including the fucked up rape)
That sounds made up.
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03/29/17 12:27:15 PM

This is crazy for a lot of reasons.
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04/03/17 9:49:20 PM

Microwaved_Eggs posted...
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04/03/17 9:51:48 PM

The younger pic of them depicts a responsible set of parents.
How in the fuck did it cross their minds to do something so fucking sick?
Anyways, life in prison would be too kind for them.
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The Wheelman1
04/06/17 12:10:01 AM

Pedophiles are constantly proving how bat shit insane they are.
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