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TopicHuman refuses to give up bus seat for pregnant human
10/15/22 12:12:59 AM

Punished_Blinx posted...
I was curious if the guy in the OP actually went on the news for this. He didn't. The guy in the picture argued about giving up his seat for women in a debate about chivalry.


He even specifically says pregnant women are an exception.

So that guy is being unfairly plastered on the reddit story lol.

So @pogo_rabid is spreading false news with a heavily edited picture which played a big role why this topic is a shit show like it is.

Anyways to the actual article, he was saying that as a response to make a point against that crazy feminist lady that went into a whole rant about a guy offering to get her luggage for her by basically calling him an oppressor for doing so. He was being factually logical, and as you said it, would still absolutely make exceptions to the pregnant and disabled.

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