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TopicOh, my friends (my internet friends)
06/14/21 6:10:43 PM

LinkPizza posted...
Quite good. The morning after a night of drinking are usually good for me. Not sure why. Going to the gas station. I didnt know where I was at first. I also didnt know who was sleeping on the couch with me...
This mindboggles me

The notorious "blackout drunk" or lack of memory post-drinking phenomenon.

The lack of much relevancy towards memory is expected of minor events or things not regarded with enough focus to be continued to be paid attention to.

So unless that is a minor detail for you/in your life lmao, I don't understand how you could just not remember or recognize who was sleeping on the couch with you or where you were

Or if obviously alcohol effects people differently, or if you were just very that drunk

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