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TopicControversial Opinion #4: Automation
05/09/21 4:18:17 AM

LinkPizza posted...
As for digital, people were pretty sure they would replace film for most people. And it actually probably helped their profits.
That's why Kodak, the leading film company of the 20th century and a former Fortune 500 company, saw huge profits in their shift to digita-

Oh, no, wait, they went bankrupt in 2012 and were forced to exit the photography industry altogether, with the shift to digital being cited as the primary cause.

LinkPizza posted...
The reason Im using that tense is because not all of them are built yet.
The reason why you're using what tense?

This sentence is missing information. Quote what you're responding to or provide enough context such that it is not ambiguous.

LinkPizza posted...
Just because some know how to program doesnt mean they are do.
Um... what?

LinkPizza posted...
And I dont care if an AI could do it better. If I have to give it control, it better be perfect.
This is such a ridiculous point of view.

Like, if you had to drive somewhere in a foreign city where you didn't know where anything was and your friend who actually knew the city offered to drive for you instead, would you adamantly refuse to let him drive because he didn't know every street perfectly? No? Then perhaps you can see why it's really stupid to demand AI be perfect before letting them replace humans at tasks they are objectively superior at performing.

LinkPizza posted...
And the fact is, people are still currently employed in a field an AI can work in. And even after they start making AI, people will still be employed in those fields.
Luddites said the same thing back in the original fight about automation - that the industrial process simply couldn't replace the heart and soul of a human worker and that people would demand the higher quality that came with something individually crafted by a human.

We know how that argument eventually turned out (hint: the Luddites were wrong).

LinkPizza posted...
And if you think driving will be banned anytime soon, youre delusional.
At no point did I say driving would be banned anytime soon, just that it almost certainly will be at some point in the future.

You should quote the posts you're responding to so you don't make embarrassing errors like this.

LinkPizza posted...
Which would actually be fine as long people can keep their jobs
Point blank: they won't. Industrial vehicles will be some of the first to be automated, because there is a greater financial driver for it. If a company can replace a $60,000 a year long-haul trucker with an automated truck that can drive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no need for time off for illness, vacation, or even sleep and whose only costs are in the initial purchase and in vehicle maintenance that would need to be performed anyways, you can bet that they're going to make the switch in a heartbeat.

And there's really nothing you can do to stop this from happening. Automation is technology, which is fundamentally just an idea and you can't ban an idea. This is going to happen and it's going to happen a lot sooner than you seem to think it will, so I suggest you start getting used to the idea.

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