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TopicControversial Opinion #4: Automation
05/01/21 4:25:47 AM

LinkPizza posted...
But there are plenty trying to make original games. Or more original. And trying Though, sequels are pretty big. But I would at least know they are trying to make something new.
Which a suitably advanced AI is just as capable of doing as humans.

LinkPizza posted...
Like, Im not sure it would try to make something new
You don't have to be sure, because it's not something that's unknown.

Yes, it would try and make something new. That's a simple statement of fact.

LinkPizza posted...
As for games like goat simulator and deer simulator, they were made by humans, AFAIK
And therefore are imitable by AI.

LinkPizza posted...
Yeah. They do need to be watched. They arent perfect. But thats why I dont think mistakes will happen since theres no way a computer makes a game without any human interference in some way.
"AI need to be watched because they're not perfect, but they will never make mistakes because they're perfect."

Do I about have the gist of your argument?

LinkPizza posted...
My entire purpose isnt my job. But thats where I go to talk to friends.
Maybe you should try talking to friends at somewhere that isn't work?

LinkPizza posted...
Hobbies only go so far not to mention costly Because money will still be needed for many hobbies (if not all) I couldnt even do the rest of my life starting today without being bored most of the time
You realize that, if your job really is how you pass the time, you could simply just do that same task as a hobby in the future for free, right?

In an automated future, nobody's forcing you not to do something. If you really *want* to do a job, instead of socializing or pursuing a hobby for some reason, you could just do that same task. You wouldn't get paid for it, but you've said that you gain fulfillment from it, so you shouldn't need compensation. And if you do demand compensation, then you're not *actually* working because you find it enjoyable, you're working to fulfill needs that a fully automated future will fulfill for you.

LinkPizza posted...
By replicating it, are you agreeing that they are just ripping off other music, then?
I mean, humans do that already. If you're at all familiar with the music industry, sound engineers know exactly what sound patterns elicit positive responses in humans and can tailor songs to hit those patterns.

Here's Rob Paravonian doing a comedy routine on it with demonstrations of how so many popular songs follow the same chord patterns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM

Again, I understand you're not a trained musician, but I am and I can tell you that music theory classes are all about understanding the patterns, such as chord progressions, used in various musical styles. There's a reason why the 1-4-5-1 chord progression is fucking everywhere and is the basis of blues and rock music.

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