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TopicGirl is DISOWNED for marrying a 50 y/o whose family say is a PEDO!! Is She Hot??
11/08/19 8:21:07 PM

Full Throttle posted...
Unattractive Couple, 21 y/o Kayla and her 50 y/o Husband, Robert Longo are officially MARRIED in Oklahoma..and Kayla has been DISOWNED by her FAMILY because they believe he is a PEDOPHILE after she refused to dump him!!

Robert met his now younger wife and mother of 1, Kayla 2 years ago when her mother, Bonya used to offer him "rides"

19 is way too old for a pedo and she needs an older man if she's going to afford to keep her outrageous BMI.
There are precious few at ease / With moral ambiguities / So we act as though they don't exist.
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