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TopicJoker is now the most profitable movie based on a comic ever.
11/08/19 7:18:17 PM

I'm gonna write some incel screen plays and shit. clearly there's profit catering to losers and people who feel overlooked.

I'ma have a plot to where this socially awkward dude can't get laid, so gets really heavy into PC gaming. then all of the sudden the chicks from back in high school start DMing him because his streams are getting like 5 million views, but his only response to them is sending them a picture of his hot model girlfriend who dressed as dark elf at Comic Con that year.

and she's gonna have boobs! big boobs!

her cups will runneth over, but she's only interested in quenching her man's thirst. no cuck stuff here, soyboys!
Never let those intent on misunderstanding you be the narrator to YOUR story!
Context? Context!? CONTEXT!!!
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