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TopicBritish couple told that they couldn't adopt white child because they're Indian
11/08/19 6:36:33 PM

D_Fen_Door posted...
thronedfire2 posted...
at first I was like bruh :|

but then I laughed

He made a racist-ish joke, yeah it could be considered kind of funny I guess.

My question is that why is it a yikes from some people, yet if a comedian does it, it's okay? Personally I don't often care for such humor (it's usually just meh), but I notice that comedy has this untouchableness to it, but a joke can be considered that (IF we do not know previously that the person has a bias towards only specific races when joking or that they are a known racist).

It really depends on who gets upset at it because even if comedians are joking and the audience knows it it is usually an outsider.
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