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TopicAirport Uber/Taxi Hack!:)
11/08/19 2:46:43 PM

SunWuKung420 posted...
WhiskeyDisk posted...
That's like saying I stole from McDonald's because I just went in to use the bathroom.

No. McDonald's allows people to use their restroom without purchase.

If the shuttle driver knew you weren't a guest of the hotel, they wouldn't let you ride.

you don't have to be a quest of the hotel, as the shuttle driver wouldn't know, and also wouldn't care.

their job is to pick people up, and taken them to a specific place. you could be staying at the hotel already, or going here to stay. what you do when you step off that bus is no ones business but yours.
it's hard to read my thoughts i'm feeling
guess they're not real then
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