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TopicTrump want whistleblower's lawyer 'sued for treason'
11/08/19 2:34:08 PM

HylianFox posted...
SmidgeIsntBack posted...
Trump won't do shit because he's Trump, but his supporters are a different story.

yeah, Trump doesn't scare me nearly as much as his cultists

it's not like Hitler murdered 6 million Jews all by himself

You know the craziest thing about this whole concentration camp controversy?

Am I wrong or did the Nazis themselves call Auschwitz etc. concentration camps as a means of downplaying the atrocities committed there ?

i.e. just what Trump and friends are attempting to do by calling them detention centers?
"Bond, you can't just blame everything bad in the world on the government" -wiiking96
"why cant I?" -Bond_543
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