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TopicThinking of going to a Brazilian steak house for thanksgiving.
11/08/19 5:14:46 AM

Flank steak and the beef rib are usually the best (at the ones I have tried). That is Texas De Brazille and the Fi grosa or whatever that other one is.

Rib Eye isn't bad either, but usually a bit salty.

Remember you can ask for them to cook it more/less (in generally it's usually very raw unless you ask for it cooked more). They will leave it on longer and bring it to you first if you want it more well done.

The lamb (especially the rack/chops) is also usually pretty yummy:)

If you are going, if you have a friend many of them have 2 for 1 specials for your first trip (or at least 20$ off on the second person). Texas De Brazil has the 2 for 1 I think if you sign up for their website as a welcome gift. It's about $40 normally, but if you use that and split the check with a friend you could go for about $20 the first time.
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