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TopicExtremely Crappy Wrestling (1996 TEW diary)
Tom Bombadil
10/25/19 10:24:49 PM

Hardcore TV

Missy Hyatt has Shane Douglas backstage. He has harsh words for Alfonso, the Steiners, and this whole situation. Alfonso in particular is going to regret turning his back on the guy that got the Network where it is. (B-) Cactus Jack and Sabu have teamed up! Presumably Sabu was recruited to help even the odds against Big & Strong at the next PPV. They drag the Bad Crew to a watchable match. (C-)

Dreamer is upset that things haven't been going well under Windham's guidance. Windham chides him for his doubts, and consoles him with the fact that they have a #1 Contendership match next week! (C+) Not to be outdone by Cactus and Sabu, Big & Strong put down the Dudleyz, but not without a fight from the up and comers. (C)

The Pitbulls are lobbying Alfonso for another match with the Steiners. Alfonso would love to give his boys a chance to settle the score and take the tag titles, but they have bigger fish to fry....because at Fight the Power, it'll be Scorpio v. Scott for the ECW Title! (C) And in fact we are getting a taste of that in our main event, as Scorpio brings in his new buddy La Parka to face both Steiners. The champ and the chairman are on a roll, but can't match the Steiners' experience as a team and chemistry. La Parka winds up tapping to the Steiner Recliner. (B-) The Network's music hits, and out comes Mikey Whipwreck! Y'know, the attack on Douglas last week didn't sit great with him...and neither does Scott getting the first crack at Scorpio! Alfonso is just doing whatever he wants despite all the dues Whipwreck and Douglas paid, and Mikey's OUT! (C)

Overall: C+ SUCCESS

One item of news before we continue because I don't want this glorious main event to go unnoticed:

-WCW Saturday Night gets C+ (ME: Wallstreet/Shango/DDP d. Santana/Arachniman/Warlord)

Soon I will be done with the troubles of the world
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