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TopicWhy are LONELY people using CLICKBAIT tactics on a GAMING site?
10/11/19 2:32:52 PM

Alpha218 posted...
I just got clickbaited into this topic

Exactly... it feels terrible to jump into a thread that sucks. Fair warning, any thread created by me, will suck.
However, my thread was originally created to ask why you, the moderators, allow threads like this one to exist?
Then people started to call me sad and lonely, so I decided to have fun with them. At their expense of course. Neither I care what any of the random people here think of me, nor should they care what I think of them.

Yet, now it is almost a book:
"It All Started With a Simple Question,"
Written by supness. A book that is very, very, loosely based on somewhat true events!

Common sense has changed as the common person's sense is idiotic; therefore, I am happy to say I am not common, and I have no common sense.
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