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TopicWhy are LONELY people using CLICKBAIT tactics on a GAMING site?
10/10/19 10:38:17 PM

Very salty lol! Again, I do not care what randoms think. I was just curious as to why lonely people are posting news posts with click bait antics. I still have yet to hear a good reason. And sure, I have a big crush on Jen. I used to harass her until she was angry. LMAO Back when she used to post a lot of attention posts.Sorry Jen, it is true, but I have also not trolled you in along time. I guess everyone has an opinion, but it is a fact, not opinion, people are using click bait news methods on a gaming board. Creating long posts as if they were being paid for posts. I also thought it was multiple people. It is only one lonely person from what I get from this thread. Sorry I haven't read it all. If people enjoy click bait, then there is some demand for it, but that is even more confusing than the post itself.

salty... haha, you seem more upset that I am. However, that is silly the gamefaqqers' thought process!

Common sense has changed as the common person's sense is idiotic; therefore, I am happy to say I am not common, and I have no common sense.
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