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TopicChina sucks.
10/09/19 9:17:27 PM

No, it blows.

xjayguyx posted...
The CCP sucks yes. And unfortunately a LOT of Chinese people have been brainwashed by the CCP and those people suck as well. There are some good Chinese people sure but not that many.

Really not that much different from here, considering you have two parties and various media outlets brainwashing people.

xjayguyx posted...
My best friend went to a bunch of places in China 5-6 years ago and he said he will never be going back. He was discriminated against a LOT and overall had a pretty crappy time.

Which is common for a lot of nations. Few places are going to be as inclusive as America.

xjayguyx posted...
Plus the fact that so many Chinese just steal and copy other people's hard work is bullshit. I'd be totally down if the world just stopped trading/dealing with China altogether.

You'd really need an international coalition for that and even then it'd be hard because they bypass tariff laws like crazy right now. Chinese companies are shipping product to other nations and pretending that it's made there.
Scientists are finally waking up to what pyramids have known all along.
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