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TopicWhy are LONELY people using CLICKBAIT tactics on a GAMING site?
10/07/19 3:39:12 PM

supness420 posted...
In all honesty, I don't watch names very often. I used to mess with you a lot Jen. You made me feel bad about it once, and since then, I have not. To be fair, I believe you said I had Asperger's syndrome. LOL! Good zing! I am also not here everyday. I come here for gaming opinions once in awhile. It just confuses me though. If I wanted clickbait, then I would scroll down to the sponsored ads. If I wanted news, I would read news sites. It just seems it would have to be a sad and lonely; as well as, mentioned above, a crazy individual to create a news article as a message post on a gaming message board. Then, doing it daily seems even more insane! Also, I assumed it was more than one person, and that those people might be getting paid by gamefaqs or their own respective employers. Still, it would be silly, but at least it gives a decent reason... money! One person... just for attention... well... I hope he gets better!

You dont use Adblock!? Ewe...
Que sera, sera. Whatever happens, happens.
...and he was never heard from again.
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