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TopicSave My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XXI: Day 46 [smfffc]
09/10/19 11:22:44 AM

Just FFVII mafia for Angeal.

The funny part about that is I was Sephiroth the Serial Killer, which I thought was a pretty funny guy in flavor to fakeclaim Angeal. The safelist for Seph was brutal and I think part of the way he was balanced. I think the only remotely significant character in it was Bugenhagen.

It was even dumber because I claimed Detective. But I did it with a "guilty scan" on the scum bulletproof (well, what I thought was the bulletproof, turned out it was the godfather and I was roleblocked without notification when I tried to kill him but I kept my scan to myself till after he flipped so it worked out)
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
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