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09/03/19 12:06:25 PM

Watching more aria and still liking it.

More medical news for me.

Got the results of my abdominal CT scan back. I have some cysts in my kidneys which is supposedly usually harmless and my spleen is somewhat enlarged. This may be due to the infection I'm fighting off now. Not the best news overall but not the worst. Unfortunately it means more waiting, more tests, and more not knowing. I suspect my spleen has been enlarged for much longer than I've had the infection which is not good but not immediately life threatening either. The kidney cysts may be causing the back pain I've been having and would thus need surgery. If my spleen is enlarged from some other cause and doesn't go back to normal size I might need it removed which would make me much more at risk of fatal infections or shrunk with chemotherapy which certainly wouldn't be fun. Definitely hoping it resolves itself without any of that.
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