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Topicdarkx continues to watch the Pokemon anime
02/14/19 1:52:00 PM

Watched two episodes last night.

Sweet Baby James was great, as are most episodes that deal with Team Rocket's pasts. I think it really says a lot about how much James loves and appreciates his grandparents that he truly kept his truce with Ash and co. for the whole episode, even to the point of attacking Jessie and Meowth. It was also a nice goodbye for Chimeco, who I will miss because he was cute and funny sometimes (though to be honest before I got to this part of the anime I totally forgot that Pokemon existed; I really don't thing I've ever seen it in the games or TCG... Are we sure it's not a Pokemon just made up for the anime???). Mime Jr. seems to have potential though.

I liked in the medicine episode how the most experienced one had a Mareep, the intermediate one had a Flaaffy, and the beginner had an Ampharos. Nice metaphor for how evolution stage does not always necessarily indicate experience level. Also that Marshtomp evolution was just too weirdly timed (in the cold open and for really no reason).

A couple of general notes, I think the new VAs are already getting a little better. Some of them anyway. Sarah Natochenny seems to be trying harder and May's did a couple of little quirks that Veronica Taylor always did.

And this is a note from last season but in the Advanced Battle theme song, when Team Rocket dances, a caped figure rushes by them and then looks back.... that character never showed up to my recollection... did he??
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