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02/10/19 6:13:11 PM

Tales of Hearts R for Vita

One of the very few JRPG series that I play, I would probably rank this alongside its sister title in Graces f. I probably had more fun with the combat here than any others outside of the Xillias. I also didn't dislike any of the main cast, which is a remarkable feat given any non-comedic scene/line of dialogue in the film feels like it was written by a nine-year-old. They waited way too long to introduce a faster means of travel (like 85% through the game), they completely phoned in their world (the series does however puts little to no effort in world building) and I find it baffling they brought back random encounters (apparently a departure from the original DS version). If the game's lows weren't on par with some of the series' worst, it could have entered my Top 5. Having not played Symphonia in roughly 15 years though, I wouldn't be surprised if Hearts R did enter it if I did a replay of the former.

Right now, my inequality is probably:

Legendia > Xillia > Xillia 2 > Abyss > Symphonia > Hearts R > Graces f > Vesperia > Symphonia 2
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