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02/08/19 9:39:53 PM

The Hong Kong Massacre (PC)

This game is a shame. It is as Hotline Miami as it is Hatred to Postal. The game seems adamant to make it look as cool as possible while ignoring everything else. Shrapnel and setpieces explode in bullet dances and slow-mo intricacy who's quickly refilling bar encourages you to abuse it as much as you can.

However, the game is mired with several design flaws. The bad guys are idiots. They never try to flank you when you're busy going down the halls and you just happen to miss one. They only respond once you enter their zone which is usually the room they patrol in. They don't even flinch or react when you fire INTO the room unless it hits one of their own. They also appear to have literal eyes at the back of their heads as they are easily able to detect you even if you sneak up and try to snipe them from behind. There was also a severe lack of variety---only 1 armored enemy about halfway into the game and that would've been fine if the levels weren't so long and repetitive. Sure game, it's a drug den but really it's the same damn rooftop only longer and more tedious. And speaking of which, the boss fights themselves are just the same set-up with slightly more mooks and obstacles to dodge through.

While the guns feel like guns, every other sound effect is non-existent. There is no sound cue when you perform a dodge roll, so I have no idea when the animation ends leading me to getting shot. There is no death gurgle for any of the mooks you finish off so you don't know if you managed to nick one. And the interface forces you into this zoomed in perspective that while was effective in Hotline, only served to infuriate me here. But the biggest design flaw I see is how the final kill is always zoomed in...and blurred out. Like, I wanna see the destruction I cause up close!

The music gets repetitive but at least it does some decent HM inspired techno. And the story while engaging in the beginning, turns into dragging nonsense by the end. I just realized that if Hotline Miami didn't have such an absurd premise, the levels would be as tedious as you wouldn't really care what happens next.

I rag on and on, but only because I loved it and I feel disheartened that it doesn't really try to capture the true kind of Hong Kong shootout. They could've done more exciting setpieces and things to do like environmental kills or chase sequences or collectibles to keep it fresh.
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