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TopicTwo dollar bills
The Popo
01/10/19 11:07:12 PM
LinkPizza posted...
The Popo posted...
I was a cashier in high school, working at a grocery store. Someone paid with a $2 bill, so I had it in my register. A while later, I was running low on singles, and my manager hadnt refilled my drawer with them yet, so I gave change to a guy that included the $2 bill. He went absolutely ape shit, claiming that I was trying to give him make believe money. Wouldnt believe me that it was real. It took other people in line behind me to calm him down and help explain that it was legit. And even that took a while.

I might have heard this one before. I think I asked this before, too, but was he older?

Yeah, I probably have said this story before. Just seemed relevant to the topic. Yep, he was an older guy.
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