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Topicany ideas why my PC monitor randomly shuts off then comes back on 10 seconds lat
01/03/19 7:38:24 PM

This is a 32" vizio TV im using as a computer monitor. sometimes itll turn itself off then come back on about 10-20 seconds later. I cant seem to find a pattern of when its doing it, but it seems random. doesnt happen when im watching a video in full screen, or in a game or at least i havent seen it yet, and my xbox360 plugged into the same TV has no issues.

My old TV I had on here never did this with the same exact GPU and HDMI cable. I switched HDMI ports too on my TV and its still the same.

kind of annoying but i cant figure out why...my last monitor was an LG 32" TV. Ive also made sure the connection isnt loose and its tight, though the GPU isnt in there 100% so the HDMI port on the back of my PC isnt perfectly slotted but its never been an issue.

step 1 is probably retightening the GPU but otherwise...
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