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TopicThe Great 2019 Video Game Challenge
01/01/19 4:08:18 AM

Happy New Year! Good luck in 2019. #bump#

Credit goes to tazzyboyishere for first starting this in 2016. Basically, there are 50 challenges outlined below that will require you to beat 52 games total. This isn't a competition and there's no prize for winning aside from a sense of accomplishment. This is just a fun thing to participate in while we all work through our video game libraries. It also gives us a place to discuss what we're playing. Feel free to join in!

- A single playthrough of a game can only be used for one challenge
- Use your own judgment to decide if game fits in a certain category
- Games started in 2018 or earlier are fine as long as they're finished in 2019
- Please add your own games to the spreadsheet linked to below, which anyone can edit
- When using the spreadsheet, please don't mess with checklists/tallies that aren't yours
- There's a tab listing favorite games in the spreadsheet if you need help with Challenge 43
- If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



Years (5)

1. Beat a game released before 1990
2. Beat a game released between 1990-1999
3. Beat a game released between 2000-2009
4. Beat a game released between 2010-2018
5. Beat a game released in 2019

Series (4)
6. Beat a game in a completely new series
7. Beat a game in a series you've already played some of
8. Beat a spin-off or a game that rebooted a franchise
9. Beat a remake or enhanced port

Creators (3)
10. Beat a game made by a director/composer/artist/etc that you like
11. Beat a game made by a developer you like
12. Beat a game made by a developer you've never tried

Genres (11)
13. Beat a WRPG
14. Beat a JRPG
15. Beat a puzzle game
16. Beat a rhythm game
17. Beat a first-person shooter
18. Beat a third-person shooter
19. Beat a platformer
20. Beat an action game
21. Beat a strategy game
22. Beat a fighting game
23. Beat a sports game

Themes (6)
24. Beat a game with romance as a central theme
25. Beat a game with horror as a central theme
26. Beat a game with revenge as a central theme
27. Beat a game with mystery as a central theme
28. Beat a game with the supernatural as a central theme
29. Beat a game with comedy as a central theme

Demographics (6)
30. Beat a game with a female lead
31. Beat a game with a child lead
32. Beat a game with a non-white lead
33. Beat a game with a robot/artificial lead
34. Beat a game with an animal lead
35. Beat a game with a lead that's from a fictional species

Time (5)
36. Replay a game from a long time ago
37. Beat a game that's been in your backlog for a long time
38. Beat a game you'd dropped or had a long hold on
39. Finish a game in one day
40. Finish a game that took you at least twenty-five hours to beat

Stats (3)
41. Beat a game with a Metascore below 70
42. Beat a game with a Metascore above 90
43. Beat another user's favorite game

Adaptation (3)
44. Beat a game based on licensed stories/characters
45. Beat a game that's been adapted into another medium
46. Beat a game that features historical events or people

Miscellaneous (4)
47. Play a technically unbeatable game for at least six hours
48. Beat a game that starts with the first letter of your username
49. Choose a random page on TVTropes and beat something from the video game section
50-52. Beat three games in a series
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