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Topic`````` Nominate SHEIK for CB11! #DownB
12/28/18 12:17:03 AM


Okay so listen, @ZenOfThunder and I are excited to get deeper into this rally, but we gotta be real with you now that we got our pitch out of the way.

We talked with SBAllen about Sheik's contest eligibility. After a few feedback tickets, he filed us away for future consideration.

It's not a no! ...but it's not a yes yet either.

The point is, this rally for Sheik might not work despite our best efforts -- for every Chester and WWF No Mercy, there is a Jay Solano and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. We believe in this rally succeeding with your help, but you should know that risk going forward.

We recognize this rally will lead to conversations regarding contest eligibility, and we welcome them in good faith.

So, as we begin, please note:

We are asking all people pledging for Sheik to also voice if they think it is more appropriate to:

1) Allow both Sheik and Zelda into the same contests, or

2) Only allow Sheik in contests where she out-nominates Zelda.

You will see our case for Sheik as we push this rally forward. Long story short though: we are advocating to allow both characters, but we're also out-nominating Zelda just to be safe.

We'll keep a tally in-house among Sheik-supporters, and then we'll take a broader board vote later on after we make our case public and talk about it awhile. We'll follow up with SB afterward for a friendly update on both Sheik's support and how the board feels about this issue of eligibility.

We're doing this, and we're doing this the right way.

Either way we go -- whether Sheik's debut requires breaking the nomination barrier or requires out-seeding Zelda -- we are not afraid. If SB decides later on to officially shut us down, c'este la vie...but while it's undecided and filed away for future consideration, this is our best chance ever for Sheik-fans to finally show she has legitimate support.

Let's help SB decide. =)
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