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TopicJustice Department alleges Trump knowingly directed Cohen to commit felonies
12/08/18 1:47:51 PM

minervo posted...
Innocent until proven guilty.

is a criminal standard used in courts of law. Thank you for mentioning it.

It's also completely immaterial to the discussion at hand, because it has nothing to do with whether or not someone actually did something that they're being accused of, but rather whether they can be punished for it. Witness how someone can gun down a dozen people on camera and be immediately captured by the police and they also would be considered innocent until proven guilty, despite the fact that they clearly committed the acts alleged against them.

Keebs05 posted...
Entering Year 3 of allegations

Incidentally, two-year-and-change is exactly how long it took Watergate to get from first allegations to Nixon's resignation.

These things don't move quickly, and Watergate had the advantage of an inside man to steer the investigation. Mueller looks like he'll be filing his report some time in the next few months, so he's going to come in about half a year behind the Watergate timeline. Not bad, all things considered.

MisterXiado posted...
Make a Clinton mad, and you'll fall down an elevator shaft onto six bullets from two different guns with a suicide note written in Chinese stuffed in your mouth.

Exactly. And that's why Monica Lewinsky is... alive and well and still talking about the Clinton affair?

joemodda posted...
We've got him now! Not unlike the previous million times we got him though, this time will be different

Technically this is still the first time, given that it's all from the same inquiry.

But sure, if we ignore the fact that charges have been laid against Trump's national security advisor, foreign policy advisor, lawyer, campaign manager, and deputy campaign manager, as well as a score of Russian operatives, I'm sure the whole thing looks like a big ol' pile of nothing.
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