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TopicI'm almost 26 and I still get acne, I want to get off Mr. Puberty's Wild Ride.
04/05/17 10:30:23 PM

Yeah. My father would hit and punish me for "not washing [my] face" as a kid/teen. I'm 25 and still have horrible acne. I took tetracycline and used Retin A Micro for a while as a teen and my acne basically went 99% away. Came back as soon as I stopped though. It's really affected my life negatively (try getting a job with a fucking pizza face).

SomeLikeItHoth posted...
Buy Differin.

I've started using this. You can get it off the shelf at Walmart. A 30-day supply is about $13. I've only been using it for a few days, so I haven't seen any results. Many people report experiencing a pretty harsh breakout three or four weeks in, but it supposedly gets better after that.
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