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TopicWell thank you, Bigpun.
06/25/11 12:36:00 PM

Over a month ago, Bigpun mailed me a package loaded with gaming goodies. Like the Chun-Li keychain he sent me a couple years ago, it is taking an awfully long time to get here. Usually for me, time is no factor, but since I'm moving out of state in three days, it is now a critical factor. I filed a Change of Address form a few weeks ago, which would typically clear a problem like this right up.

However, Pun, adventurous rascal that he is, decided to address the package to "Yoblazer" instead of my real name. I asked the post office employee how to fix this situation. After looking at me funny for a second, she admitted that it would be tricky (stuff like this doesn't happen too often, apparently), but that there might be a way.

So now, in the eyes of the United States Postal Service, the word "Yoblazer" will forever be officially recognized as a business.

And for that, I thank you Pun.

Yoblazer: http://8board.webs.com/ariel.jpg
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