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TopicUlti got banned for his top ten list which trolled nintendo fans :(
08/15/09 1:12:20 PM

STEALTH REIN OF TERROR TRAP TOPIC. You must now post your favorite character from this epic story by smurf!

"So this is my life... I have all this potential and I don't even get to test it out nor will I ever be able to try it out. Whats the point in living if you have no goal."I looked up and saw Bailey staring at me puzzled "what are you sayin Rein""im saying that this town isnt big enough to hold me I need to know?"I jumped on the roof of my house and spun a wooden stick around, ya see now imagine if I had a blade instead of a twig!!!! Imagine how strong I'd be.. Just the thought of that made me sit down and stare up into the sky. "Quit your daydreaming Rein theres enough violence in this world without you adding to it and besides there is plenty of goals you could have in this town" I assholeed at the idea of a goal doing something like a potato farmer or maybe I could own a shop. yeah right fighting was the only thing for me and it wasn't to cause violence it was to protect the world from the gobus and one day I will destroy their floating ship in the sky no that was a goal.I had enough of Baileys attitude because I had my mind made up " im going to the coliseium in craineington wheter you approve or not". That night I couldn't sleep because I knew I was leaving this hole and finally fulfiling my dreams. Yeah I will enter the competition in craineington and some rebel groups might spot me and ask me to join them and then we would destroy the gobu empire and I would return to Nevavile a hero!!!! I couldn't tell my parents about this because I know they wouldn't approve but its something I have to do and it wouldn't be the first time I ran away... besides Im practicly and adult so its about time I left I care about what Bailey has to say, hes a good friend but just doesent understand what im talking about. I had all my stuff packed so I decided it was time that I left. As I stepped outside I took one last look at the house and knew that when I next returned I would be a hero and everyone would be proud of me. I would miss bailey as he was the best friend I have ever had, but he would never come with me so I had to choose a friend or my destiny and I had to choose my destiny. I took one last look at the moonlit town and then hit the road for craineington. The journey was quiet mainly because it was night time and I had nobody with me. I kinda missed Bailey even if he did fuss all the time but I was sure that I would soon forget about him when my fighting carreer had begun. I also had taken some money from home to buy myself a proper weapon, I didn't like takeing the money but I would pay it back soon enough. I saw the lights of the city of craineington. It had always been a big and lively city but was well protected by its army so I had never really explored it. I knew that it had many secrets especially its castle nestled in the center of the city. As I approached the gate of the city I noticed 2 large soldiers gaurding the way. I really didn't fancy taking them on so I knew that I must act mannerly towards them."Hello good soldiers I am here to compete in your tournament"They looked at me in confusion and one of them stifled a smirk. " listen kid this is no place for your jokes ok! So run along now" Rage hit me I couldn't believe that they werent taking me seriously and after all the way I had travelled "listen to me I have travelled all the way from nevavile to fight in this tournament and I brought money to buy a weapon and.. Hold on boys. A large white man had walked over to us. "General snowy sir this child was." "It doesent matter what age the lad is if he has money to spend on a weapnon and he has the fighters heart then that's all you need to compete. I watched as the 2 gaurds opened the gate to the city of craineington. There was so many people here I couldn't believe it.
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