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Bill Clinton vs George W. Bush vs Barack Obama vs Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
sLaCkEr408___RJ1903/04 5:10am
Recommend World War III media
sLaCkEr408___RJ1302/28 9:29pm
Asked to speak at a funeral
sLaCkEr408___RJ702/28 9:14pm
Count Dooku vs Darth Maul
sLaCkEr408___RJ7002/28 8:59pm
Songs that remind you of your mother
sLaCkEr408___RJ602/26 8:12pm
Red vs Blue
sLaCkEr408___RJ102/26 7:18am
Face Recognition and Fingerprints
sLaCkEr408___RJ102/26 3:07am
I think the movie board mods are after me
sLaCkEr408___RJ7702/22 2:27pm
Euphoria shut the fuck up I know that was you I ain't even gotta look
sLaCkEr408___RJ102/16 4:46am
Gelato x Zkittlez
sLaCkEr408___RJ302/15 2:00pm
Father ran out on us Valentine's Day
sLaCkEr408___RJ602/14 8:49pm
Marvel shows (S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil, etc) leaving Netflix Feburary 28
sLaCkEr408___RJ1502/14 6:52am
Siblings dancing
sLaCkEr408___RJ202/13 4:46pm
Dangerous Dogs by
sLaCkEr408___RJ2102/13 1:28pm
Thinking about creating a beat em up
sLaCkEr408___RJ602/13 2:54am
Someone points a gun at you and says to freeze or they'll shoot
sLaCkEr408___RJ1102/12 4:26pm
Neighbors screaming at their children for years. Now the kids are screaming.
sLaCkEr408___RJ102/12 4:14pm
Engineers create new substance stronger than steel yet weighing light as plastic
sLaCkEr408___RJ2902/12 4:54am
Brandon DiCamillo wipes used toilet paper on Ryan Dunn's face
sLaCkEr408___RJ202/11 8:38pm
Hold your fire. This man isn't Black.
sLaCkEr408___RJ302/10 8:46pm
Suck it
sLaCkEr408___RJ502/10 4:32am
Bra vs Pan
sLaCkEr408___RJ702/09 8:36pm
African Lion vs Bengal Tiger
sLaCkEr408___RJ302/09 8:30pm
sLaCkEr408___RJ502/09 5:39pm
Why some stoners get quiet after getting high
sLaCkEr408___RJ2502/09 11:09am
Five episodes remaning in the Chapter Black Saga of Yu Yu Hakusho
sLaCkEr408___RJ702/09 3:07am
Celebrities ridicule man suffering from ectodermal dysplasia
sLaCkEr408___RJ302/09 2:03am
*attempts small talk* So what kinda porn you into?
sLaCkEr408___RJ302/08 6:07pm
Anyone experience with missing amazon package process?
sLaCkEr408___RJ2102/08 3:37pm
Enjoyed Star Wars Resistance more than The Mandalorian season 1
sLaCkEr408___RJ802/07 1:23pm
Action League Now
sLaCkEr408___RJ402/07 3:14am
Wolverine's Height
sLaCkEr408___RJ4802/04 10:16pm
Start work at 430am or 1130am?
sLaCkEr408___RJ2502/04 10:04pm
Watching all MCU television in order of release one episode per day
sLaCkEr408___RJ2402/03 11:52am
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
sLaCkEr408___RJ102/03 11:20am
What causes necro-bumping to be a disruptive posting violation
sLaCkEr408___RJ402/02 11:54am
Revenge of the Sith alternate choreography
sLaCkEr408___RJ702/02 10:46am
Star Wars Resistance
sLaCkEr408___RJ102/01 7:16pm
Vought News Network
sLaCkEr408___RJ301/31 9:03pm
If Gohan goes crazy then will you still call him Saiyaman?
sLaCkEr408___RJ1101/30 3:28pm
Northern California vs Southern California
sLaCkEr408___RJ1201/29 5:26pm
Do you know what happens to a midget in a bathrobe when it's struck by lightning
sLaCkEr408___RJ701/29 5:00am
Has anyone here confronted a parent for leaving the family?
sLaCkEr408___RJ201/27 6:58pm
Wolverines are known to kill bears and moose
sLaCkEr408___RJ401/27 2:38pm
Lotte Verbeek
sLaCkEr408___RJ101/26 11:07pm
Is using meth cool like smoking marijuana?
sLaCkEr408___RJ2401/26 10:38pm
The Mandalorian
sLaCkEr408___RJ1501/26 9:23pm
Darth Maul vs Boba Fett
sLaCkEr408___RJ3301/26 3:08pm
Is it worth buying a Samsung Galaxy S22 at launch
sLaCkEr408___RJ601/26 2:02pm
Things that may stop suicidal thoughts
sLaCkEr408___RJ4501/25 10:27pm
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