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I'm literally shaking right now, this has never happened before.
pegusus1234561005/23 2:42am
Help me decide what to do next in Elden Ring. *spoilers*
pegusus1234561205/19 2:09pm
I'm trying to give Demon Slayer a chance but this orange-haired dude suuuucks.
pegusus1234561305/19 6:51am
Someone modded Elden Ring to pit Malenia against all other bosses.
pegusus123456805/18 4:49am
All exploration-based PC games should have an auto-run button.
pegusus123456105/10 2:44am
Weird question. Anyone have trouble highlighting on here?
pegusus123456205/09 2:44pm
The Black Tapes podcast is the worst ending I've ever seen. *spoilers*
pegusus1234561005/06 7:40am
As someone who's played/watched the entire series, what is Kingdom Hearts?
pegusus1234561805/06 2:06am
Is GameFAQs failing to change the color of links you've clicked for anyone else?
pegusus123456405/05 7:14am
Outta curiosity, is there an iseaki where...
pegusus123456805/04 9:46am
Aragorn, the Elden Lord
pegusus123456105/04 2:09am
Spawner enemies in video games are often very weird
pegusus123456104/24 9:29am
In terms of lives saved, Joe Chill is one of the greatest DC heroes.
pegusus123456204/22 7:23am
One day I hope to care about something as deeply as Youtubers watching...
pegusus123456104/17 3:56am
Anyone ever have their lint trap just stink like hell?
pegusus123456804/16 5:52am
Something I noticed while watching Elden Ring streams.
pegusus123456404/14 11:53am
Elden Ring's new hero: Let me solo her. *spoilers*
pegusus1234562404/14 7:15am
Forty hours into Elden Ring, I have a question.
pegusus123456304/13 10:10pm
I've never played D&D but now I like to imagine stat blocks for things.
pegusus123456104/13 6:00am
One thing Half-Life 2 did that more devs should do.
pegusus1234563004/13 1:36am
WoW's graphics in a nutshell.
pegusus123456804/05 9:21am
I tried Demon Slayer but I don't think I can get past...
pegusus1234562904/04 7:41am
Nobody told me they were doing a live-action Fairly Oddparents sequel.
pegusus1234561104/01 8:05am
Someone on reddit did a >140k word history of WoW.
pegusus123456103/31 2:45am
I find it actually impossible to play just one run of Hades.
pegusus123456303/29 7:54am
What exactly happened recently that drove housing prices up so much?
pegusus123456103/28 3:27am
The most lowkey insult I ever received.
pegusus123456803/26 5:10am
Anyone else absolutely hate this dude's webcomics?
pegusus1234562203/21 10:23am
For any Inscryption fans, Kaycee's Mod is released.
pegusus123456103/18 1:30am
A dark day. Youtube Vanced got a C&D and will shut down.
pegusus1234566803/16 1:40am
I didn't know Nintendo's online was this garbage.
pegusus123456303/15 10:42pm
Attack on Titan fanfiction is probably the weirdest common kind.
pegusus123456103/03 1:19am
Your favorite Olympian in Hades (mechanically speaking). *spoilers*
pegusus1234563902/27 5:10am
I've watched two videos and read three guides and am convinced fitted sheets...
pegusus1234561602/25 1:27am
Watching the bad Suicide Squad so I can watch the good one.
pegusus1234564602/23 12:18pm
Something I just learned about Resident Evil lore.
pegusus123456302/22 8:57pm
Once read a Superman fanfic where Clark turns out to be Superman because...
pegusus123456302/21 5:09am
Anyone here ever torn a rotator cuff?
pegusus123456602/18 6:31am
Important fix for FF6 pixel remaster.
pegusus123456102/18 2:38am
You fucked that pigeon, didn't you, Squidward?
pegusus123456102/16 7:53am
It makes sense that Misty was so mad about her bike since they cost $1,000,000.
pegusus1234561802/15 5:43pm
Should the Resident Evil series be remade?
pegusus123456402/13 11:19pm
The worst thing about Spider-Man: No Way Home's ending. *spoilers*
pegusus1234561002/11 12:52am
Played Hades a bit more and I gotta say. *mid-game spoilers*
pegusus123456902/03 3:21am
It's kind of weird in RE8 that no one... *spoilers*
pegusus1234561302/02 6:24am
WASP Mom's daughter goes to Euphoria High.
pegusus123456202/01 9:26pm
R* makes fantastic games and then fill them with tiny annoyances.
pegusus123456301/31 4:29am
Ya'll should watch The Legend of Vox Machina on Amazon.
pegusus1234562101/29 5:26pm
No one mentioned that the sore throat part of covid sucked so bad.
pegusus123456801/29 6:29am
I thought I was going to do a Nuzlocke of that Blaze Black Pokemon hack.
pegusus1234561101/28 3:56am
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