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should I show my son the lord of the rings movies?
knightoffire55401/17 10:46pm
Add me on snap
knightoffire55101/16 4:42pm
Nobody wants to play last gen hardware with a lame gimmick.
knightoffire55301/16 2:14am
GameFAQS purged my post where I said Donald Trump is going to be president.
knightoffire55101/16 1:40am
I am clairvoyant AMA
knightoffire55301/16 1:38am
does mega man 11 have a lot of action?
knightoffire55501/15 10:07pm
a tinder babe is never late nor is she early
knightoffire55401/15 7:56pm
does mega man 11 have an easy mode?
knightoffire55201/14 6:39pm
do you happen to enjoy loser hobbies such as video games and anime?
knightoffire55801/14 2:40am
Is there anything wrong with playing a game on easy mode?
knightoffire551801/13 10:14pm
You don't have to ask the people in my life.
knightoffire55101/12 12:30am
he likes adam sandler and movies with a lot of action
knightoffire55501/10 10:51am
I'm a mom to three boys.
knightoffire55701/08 10:25pm
which album does your son prefer?
knightoffire55101/07 2:35pm
thinking of being an escort for rich cougars
knightoffire55901/06 4:59pm
Why is Disney Wars so blatantly stupid? SPOILERS
knightoffire55401/02 9:48pm
my tinder babe is really excited for barb and star go to vista del mar
knightoffire55201/02 4:00pm
i made a new year's resolution to stop getting drunk and banging tinder babes
knightoffire55201/02 12:08am
my son says the rock has more action than con air
knightoffire55312/31 4:26pm
jebus cripes
knightoffire55312/30 8:10pm
donald trump didn't care for star wars jedi fallen order
knightoffire55112/30 6:03pm
holy crap at earthbound beginnings encounter rate
knightoffire55912/30 2:51pm
tinder babe keeps bugging me while i'm trying to play earthbound
knightoffire55612/30 12:04pm
I don't send nude photos
knightoffire551212/29 11:13am
I love playing with my pussy.
knightoffire55512/27 10:54pm
Well s***, I was drunker than I thought.
knightoffire55312/27 4:30pm
God of War is *still* being sold without a patch
knightoffire55412/27 2:59am
The Star Wars prequels are actually movies not expensive fan fiction.
knightoffire556012/25 10:39pm
what did your son think of die hard?
knightoffire55512/25 9:15pm
what do you want to do with your life?
knightoffire55512/23 9:49pm
Playing borderlands with my son> going out
knightoffire55212/22 11:01pm
I WILL NOT SEND NUDES! Asking will get you ignored.
knightoffire55812/22 10:57pm
why did you go poop in your pants?
knightoffire55312/22 6:37pm
I'll buy Star Wars from you
knightoffire55112/21 9:12pm
gal is what you call a cool woman. brie is a type of cheese
knightoffire55212/19 5:10pm
Hey!!!! Dtf?
knightoffire55112/19 2:50pm
hi kids we're home early
knightoffire55312/17 1:47pm
what movie larry's tinder babe going to choose this weekend?
knightoffire55512/17 1:44am
kathleen kennedy producing the last airbender was an omen
knightoffire55212/17 12:48am
the story ended with return of the jedi
knightoffire551212/15 1:17pm
im interested
knightoffire55112/15 1:26am
my son prefers angels with even filthier souls over angels with filthy souls
knightoffire55312/14 2:21pm
what do you think the next larry frag topic will be about?
knightoffire55512/13 11:28pm
if the leaks are true rise of skywalker is going to be one heck of a drunk watch
knightoffire55412/12 8:58pm
You was here last night too, wasn't you?
knightoffire55312/12 1:55pm
Single mom life
knightoffire55212/09 11:55pm
i'm not an alcoholic i just drink 10 cans of beer a day
knightoffire55212/09 7:43pm
what did your son think of the new ghostbusters trailer?
knightoffire55412/09 5:01pm
Pls just don't be a Trump supporter
knightoffire55812/08 9:27pm
i was told im not allowed to give advice on banging fat chics
knightoffire551212/05 11:05pm
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