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Marvel movies are so shit
knightoffire554408/10 11:24pm
i wonder if she likes movies with a lot of action
knightoffire55108/09 1:03am
people who have wedding during a pandemic make me furious
knightoffire55508/07 5:01pm
mr deeds
knightoffire55608/07 3:51pm
you can do it
knightoffire55208/07 1:35pm
you liked my cd
knightoffire55208/07 8:28am
Ghostbusters II Trailer
knightoffire55108/07 12:19am
what did you son think of bubsy
knightoffire55108/06 11:55pm
is brokeback mountain worth watching to see anne hathaway's tits
knightoffire551208/06 8:33am
I'm going to give you some advice
knightoffire55308/05 10:40pm
the last of us is bad
knightoffire554808/04 7:36pm
Mother of 3 amazing kids
knightoffire55408/04 5:11pm
pick the song larry frag bangs his tinder babe to tonight
knightoffire55408/03 8:24am
i bet larry frag is banging a tinder babe right now
knightoffire55508/02 12:00pm
No I won't send nudes
knightoffire55708/01 7:56pm
Dude seriously
knightoffire551108/01 5:30pm
So I can't send pictures on here
knightoffire55507/31 12:13am
my ex-wife is mad because i skipped my son's birthday to get drunk
knightoffire551007/28 8:39pm
have you ever banned a tinder babe at a drive-in?
knightoffire55507/28 2:02pm
i hope this has enough action for my son
knightoffire55407/27 2:23am
my son didn't care for the godfather
knightoffire55707/26 10:20am
you're going to give me my fucking money back
knightoffire55507/26 4:47am
clash of the titans is has nipples in it
knightoffire55307/26 1:35am
I'm on shrooms and I feel really good y'all
knightoffire551307/25 8:29pm
i give halo infinite a 4
knightoffire55307/25 7:40am
starship troopers is on netflix
knightoffire55207/23 3:48pm
demolition man isn't a bad movie.
knightoffire551807/22 10:59pm
Hell hath no fury like a Tinder babe's scorn.
knightoffire55207/22 10:22pm
If you want hook up swipe left.
knightoffire55207/22 4:05pm
Your PS3 grew a mind of its own.
knightoffire55207/22 2:02am
you can skipped cursed
knightoffire55107/20 8:46pm
none of the characters in the last of us 2 reflect human experience
knightoffire55407/20 3:34pm
knightoffire55307/19 11:03pm
Not everyone wants to join the war to form an Italian alliance.
knightoffire55107/19 8:12pm
Losing money is better.
knightoffire55107/19 8:10pm
If you like to drink then we will get along
knightoffire551307/19 3:09am
I don't want credit, you're going to give me my fucking money back
knightoffire55407/18 8:58pm
how do i defeat the vampires in mu?
knightoffire55507/18 6:55pm
Focusing on my son and career, he comes first.
knightoffire55607/18 2:04pm
my son says judge dredd is better than dredd
knightoffire55607/16 10:51pm
what game should i get for my son?
knightoffire55607/16 8:53pm
tinder babe wants to speak with my manager
knightoffire55307/15 3:37pm
imagine a world where time drifts slowly
knightoffire55407/15 1:16pm
Where is the fetish community?
knightoffire55307/14 8:51pm
watching hercules with my son
knightoffire55807/14 3:36pm
Bro it was a totally tubulant time though, my dude.
knightoffire55207/13 11:01pm
you betrayed the law
knightoffire55207/13 5:18pm
larry tinder topic
knightoffire55407/13 3:59pm
i just want to make an omelette
knightoffire55507/13 6:03am
im voting for biden
knightoffire551407/12 7:09pm
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