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Did my taxes
hypnox1301/20 4:13pm
Who is your favorite night time talk show host?
hypnox401/20 9:51am
15 dollar pizza order with delivery, how much you tipping?
hypnox3701/18 3:15pm
With more and more people using bank cards and stuff
hypnox801/18 12:16pm
What are some good packages of ramen that taste good but not spicy?
hypnox801/17 3:43pm
Amazon spoiled me with their shipping.
hypnox301/16 7:56pm
Weird, JebronLames must of blocked me.
hypnox3101/15 10:30pm
Do you like Furikake?
hypnox701/15 12:00pm
Boardgame players, Are there games that use a lot of currency other than monoply
hypnox2101/15 11:45am
Those Iron Clay game currency are nice
hypnox1501/15 9:13am
If I ever find a genie, i know what I would wish for
hypnox1001/13 12:12pm
I hate sites that don't use Paypal.
hypnox2401/10 9:19am
Seriously are there any games on the switch that are not ports or rehashes/makes
hypnox2701/07 2:03pm
I hate websites that boast prices when they have big "sales"
hypnox701/07 10:51am
Lots of boardgames nowadays bank on you having a lot of friends.
hypnox1101/06 10:27pm
Watching One Cut of the Dead.
hypnox401/04 8:05am
Anyone play the board game Gloomhaven?
hypnox1601/04 1:30am
Double standards are weird at times.
hypnox1701/02 11:09am
in the new year, sign documents as 2020
hypnox601/02 6:49am
Mobile games you play that arent a port or riddled with micro transactio
hypnox1301/01 1:34pm
What is the "mainstream" beauty standard thats a turn off for you?
hypnox1201/01 9:25am
Mandalorian latest episode
hypnox512/30 8:03pm
Lost in space season 2
hypnox112/28 11:23am
Merry Christmas! What has been your all time best present?
hypnox1512/25 8:10pm
Is there a food that hurts you but you eat it anyway?
hypnox2812/24 5:42am
Are you an items horder?
hypnox3512/24 2:36am
What kinda female admirer are you?
hypnox4312/23 10:42pm
63 car pile up in Virgina.
hypnox2412/23 12:03pm
Sometimes people are nice.
hypnox512/22 11:25am
Anyone play Keyforge?
hypnox312/21 7:58am
I really hate how the Mandalorian is appearing to be a monster of the week show
hypnox2912/20 1:37pm
Follow up CT scan.
hypnox312/20 10:21am
Does anyone here put butter on your sandwiches?
hypnox3412/20 12:10am
People who seen Star wars. *spoilers*
hypnox712/19 8:04pm
Linkpizza. Not judging you.
hypnox412/19 11:55am
I am a hypocrite...
hypnox112/18 4:28pm
Amazon is off its rocker.
hypnox2012/18 12:53am
Can someone help me find a "water enhancer" that has no sugar..
hypnox6012/17 7:46pm
FYI, you can tell what people bought you from your Amazon wish list.
hypnox512/17 9:17am
Anyone into Slot cars here?
hypnox712/17 8:32am
Since my company got acquired our Christmas parties suck.
hypnox912/17 1:06am
Demi Lovato's nudes were leaked
hypnox37712/17 12:36am
Need game advice
hypnox412/16 8:27pm
Anyone play Mechwarrior 5? *spoilers*
hypnox112/15 5:22am
Man i have been on a Sardine kick lately.
hypnox212/14 10:23am
Oh boy.... Serious sexual content topic.
hypnox3412/13 1:33pm
I hate most companies man.... (X-Wing related)
hypnox312/11 11:24pm
I can understand mens and womens sports but...
hypnox3212/11 5:10pm
Monthly check your balls and boobs post!
hypnox1312/10 6:34pm
Disney+ question.
hypnox912/10 9:35am
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