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Valley of The Geeks
The Wave Master49511/14 4:33pm
This super hot girl I matched with has muscular dystrophy
Master Kazuya2110/03 11:59pm
Anyone have the video where there's some kid being given crap and he moos?
The Nintendo Master209/26 10:29am
Is it creepy to friend my cousin's friend (shes 22 I'm 27)
Master Kazuya908/07 7:28pm
PotdMon: Nerd/Geek
The Wave Master50008/07 5:12pm
Why do you honestly come here anymore?
Master Kazuya4107/30 10:53am
What is this gif from?
The Nintendo Master707/18 12:32pm
If I'm 27 is it weird to date a 30 yo girl?
Master Kazuya1607/13 4:05am
Am I freaking out over this girl not messaging back? Or should I follow up.
Master Kazuya2107/02 9:36pm
What VR Titles does everyone play?
Master Smuggler1006/27 4:11pm
This girl that wants to hookup on Friday doesn't want to send nudes. What gives?
Master Kazuya306/25 8:05pm
My family video chats are all about watching the toddlers now and it's annoying.
Master Kazuya106/16 11:56am
I think I'm crushin on this girl at work
Master Kazuya3005/29 10:05am
When Reddit is good, it's great. When it's bad, it's awful
Master Kazuya505/04 1:10am
I post mad wholesome Snaps cuz I have a bunch of hotties following me
Master Kazuya105/03 10:20pm
I never realized girls play up the 'creep' card for social leverage
Master Kazuya104/24 10:28pm
What does this message mean (from this girl I had a crush on 10 years ago)?
Master Kazuya704/22 9:37pm
Could you date someone that wants to be referred as they/them/theirs?
Master Kazuya504/18 9:09am
I FINALLY got a girls number from OKC, but she hasn't texted me back yet
Master Kazuya1004/15 11:36pm
Bad conversationalist or not interested?
Master Kazuya1804/10 8:13am
Which girl would you rather date? Uggo perceived as hot or hot perceived as uggz
Master Kazuya204/02 9:50pm
Could you date an SJW that is otherwise cute and very cool?
Master Kazuya1303/27 11:51pm
I think I'm getting socially aware enough to know how a girl is scoping me out
Master Kazuya403/21 1:34pm
Should I ask this girl out over Facebook?
Master Kazuya1803/17 4:11pm
Friend's bday party vs party full of cute girls and one girl I may have a chance
Master Kazuya303/11 8:01am
Me and this cute employee at Trader Joe's have had cute interactions twice now
Master Kazuya1303/01 9:50pm
This girl is into a lot sexually and plays video games but she's like a 6.5/10
Master Kazuya6902/26 5:54pm
My friends gfs friend clearly wants it but she's kinda uggo, do I go for it?
Master Kazuya4002/19 1:55pm
Participated in a gang bang yesterday
Master Kazuya2602/16 4:02pm
I can't believe I got ghosted even when we sent each other nude pics
Master Kazuya2502/15 10:13pm
Do I still have a chance with this girl?
Master Kazuya802/15 9:44am
How often do hail mary's work with girls?
Master Kazuya402/14 7:21pm
Is this situation with a girl salvageable or is it RIP?
Master Kazuya1102/10 9:25pm
I see why they named it Duke Nukem "Forever"
Master Kazuya801/29 6:48pm
I got a tattoo but I don't want people to make a big deal out of it
Master Kazuya601/27 9:49am
Which cartoon dad do you like more? Timmy Turner's dad or Jimmy Neutron's dad?
Master Kazuya1701/27 2:21am
Should I rush through Spiderman story before KH3 comes out?
Master Kazuya101/26 9:10pm
Some girl said she would text me Saturday. Nothing yet. When should I remind?
Master Kazuya2801/24 2:06pm
When is it gay to have sex with a biological female that identifies as male?
Master Kazuya7101/04 5:06pm
Stan By Geek
The Wave Master21112/31 2:14pm
Character Battle X Contest Analysis Crew - Part 10
Master Moltar49312/31 9:55am
How the fuck can I be "cute, but not my type"?
Master Kazuya3012/30 8:11am
As a Spidey fan, Spiderman Into the Spiderverse was phenomenal *spoils*
Master Kazuya2512/23 2:40pm
Character Battle X Contest Analysis Crew Guest Sign-ups
Master Moltar4112/12 7:33pm
My older siblings have kids now and that's all we ever talk about now.
Master Kazuya912/08 12:14pm
Character Battle X Contest Analysis Crew - Part 9
Master Moltar50012/07 10:07pm
Character Battle X Contest Analysis Crew - Part 88888888888888888888888~
Master Moltar50012/01 6:28pm
Would you fuck a hobo guy to fuck any girl you wanted to?
Master Kazuya411/30 11:32pm
Character Battle X Contest Analysis Crew - Part 7
Master Moltar21511/26 12:50am
Character Battle X Contest Analysis Crew Guest Sign-ups for Legends Bracket R1
Master Moltar1011/25 4:25pm
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