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How's your handwriting?
StoneRevolver3302/14 5:03pm
Can someone explain to me what exactly the point of this is?
StoneRevolver902/01 2:07am
Zenimax is ruining Elder Scrolls
StoneRevolver2101/19 3:14pm
What's something you used to hate but changed your mind about?
StoneRevolver2501/15 3:47am
Type/Genre of game you enjoy, but are terrible at?
StoneRevolver2012/30 9:56pm
Merry Christmas, Potd
StoneRevolver912/25 12:46pm
Is a corrupted legacy worth preserving?
StoneRevolver1112/20 1:34pm
This is really good.
StoneRevolver112/14 8:52pm
Do you floss?
StoneRevolver1912/11 4:11am
What manner of fictional universe would you choose to live in?
StoneRevolver2412/04 9:53am
You're a wolf, boy, get out of this town.
StoneRevolver111/29 2:01am
I don't like Queen
StoneRevolver3011/26 12:09pm
Thoughts on moderating here?
StoneRevolver8311/26 11:26am
You guys have any suggestions for what to watch on Netflix?
StoneRevolver4411/24 6:28pm
Greetings, comrades.
StoneRevolver1711/17 6:50pm
What's your biggest regret in life?
StoneRevolver3111/17 6:08pm
Does crossplay matter to you?
StoneRevolver2208/06 10:44pm
Dealing with caffeine withdrawal?
StoneRevolver101/01 12:00am
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