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Dexter: New Blood trailer
Solid Snake07407/29 2:46am
Florida mom shares regret about not getting COVID-19 vaccine
Solid Snake072107/25 4:05am
Isn't modern China more of a fascist state than a communist one?
Solid Snake07207/17 6:51pm
I'm not a "cuck"
Solid Snake071407/15 12:04am
Wtf is wrong with people who take phone calls on speaker in public?
Solid Snake07107/07 2:45pm
Why are liberals so bad at messaging?
Solid Snake075007/04 1:55pm
This is maybe the most openly racist shit ive ever seen
Solid Snake071507/03 3:54pm
C/D adults who go to disney world/land ect. Without kids are weird
Solid Snake073906/26 9:47am
Why do people criticize actors for supposedly using steroids?
Solid Snake073206/12 4:05pm
"Jesus was bi and non binary"
Solid Snake071305/28 11:18pm
Cats are amazing animals
Solid Snake07505/21 5:17am
The first 10-15 minutes of Mortal Kombat was pretty good
Solid Snake07205/19 3:07am
Went to the store without a mask on
Solid Snake07805/18 12:30am
Why do people trash sbarro so hard?
Solid Snake074405/16 3:27pm
I think it's weird that adults celebrate their birthday
Solid Snake071505/13 7:54am
I'm putting it all in dog money
Solid Snake071205/11 2:10pm
Any mormons/ex mormons here?
Solid Snake07304/25 6:13pm
Wearing pants to an interview
Solid Snake07704/15 10:50am
Can anyone tell me the name of this song?
Solid Snake07104/05 4:47pm
"participation trophies ruined millinials" is pretty dumb tbh
Solid Snake071003/30 5:17am
Mass muderers should be slowly flayed alive in public
Solid Snake073203/29 6:45am
Damn, John Redcorn is a mark ass bitch
Solid Snake07903/27 3:16am
Good to see the media has regressed in it's coverage of mass shooter
Solid Snake07403/25 7:03pm
Father almost gets himself and his toddler killed in elephant enclosure
Solid Snake07603/21 3:12am
Anybody else been getting a lot of bidet ads on youtube?
Solid Snake07703/20 6:50pm
Hiking has a diversity problem. These BIPOC groups are working to fix it
Solid Snake073703/18 1:40am
Bill Maher on why the US isn't losing to China, we've already lost
Solid Snake0710803/13 3:13pm
So could i catch covis between my first and second dose?
Solid Snake07803/13 12:34am
The fast forward option makes ff12 an exponentially better game
Solid Snake07603/01 3:20am
Once upon a time in Hollywood got pretty weird at the end *spoilers*
Solid Snake073302/15 6:50am
Anyone seen the video if that guy in Philadelphia murdering his neighbors?
Solid Snake071702/14 2:30am
So did robinhood commit suicide yesterday?
Solid Snake075201/30 2:58pm
I don't think ive ever seen more blatant market manipulation than yesterday
Solid Snake07101/29 11:24am
Why do people still use robinhood?
Solid Snake071801/28 7:28pm
The "groupie" segment on the Richard Ramirez was infuriating
Solid Snake07101/20 8:47pm
Damn the controls in greed fall are terrible
Solid Snake07101/20 3:03am
Streamer talking shit about tipping gets owned
Solid Snake072001/19 12:29am
Lol king hutton blocked me
Solid Snake072501/11 2:01am
Trump releases a statement
Solid Snake074101/07 11:31am
Breaking news: Ted Wheeler's(portland mayor) balls have finally dropped
Solid Snake07101/02 2:01pm
How far am i in dragonquest 11? Spoliers obviously
Solid Snake07512/30 9:32am
Why are balut eggs a thing?
Solid Snake072512/27 9:36pm
God damn spotify is incompetent
Solid Snake071312/17 7:05am
No candidate has ever won both Florida and Ohio and lost
Solid Snake071312/10 12:38am
CE Trump voters, do you think he won the election?
Solid Snake071511/29 9:29pm
Of all the cringy shit Trump has ever posted, this takes the cake by miles
Solid Snake071411/28 3:12pm
Peta: imagine if you were the one being stuffed for Thanksgiving dinner
Solid Snake07311/27 2:53pm
Hot take, the second star wars triilogy is better than the original
Solid Snake072611/22 9:09pm
Just when you thought trump couldn't me more unlikable
Solid Snake07111/21 9:45pm
Every bon appetit video since they came back has a person of color in it
Solid Snake078011/19 4:34am
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