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Tinder pickup line topic
SmokeMassTree1608/04 3:19pm
Yooo they put titans in fortnite!
SmokeMassTree1408/01 5:15pm
Olive Garden makes...pancakes now?
SmokeMassTree2008/01 1:11am
God I love my president
SmokeMassTree10507/18 12:37pm
Is it racist? 002
SmokeMassTree1707/12 9:59am
Is it racist? 001
SmokeMassTree5907/12 9:16am
This...this is a girl, right?
SmokeMassTree14905/18 5:36pm
Have y'all seen the robin cw trailer yet?
SmokeMassTree105/17 7:24pm
You can't just say this and then say details to follow at a later date.
SmokeMassTree1205/16 7:45pm
Avoid a gif of a girl with a large butt and an American flag behind spoilers aeg
SmokeMassTree404/25 9:36am
Y'all like guns over here at ce? Let's see em
SmokeMassTree1904/19 3:35pm
Post here to get blacked
SmokeMassTree904/18 10:38pm
Upgrades for my AR came in today!
SmokeMassTree2904/16 6:36pm
The puppet has gotten slightly bigger
SmokeMassTree1104/15 10:12am
No more baby killing in Ohio
SmokeMassTree504/14 8:03pm
Why is there no topic about tseries banning pewdiepie videos in India?
SmokeMassTree1504/13 2:22am
Animal control rescued 18, yes eighteen, dogs from my neighbors house yesterday.
SmokeMassTree2704/10 3:33am
Why is getting an entry level job so fucking hard now?
SmokeMassTree2804/09 6:48am
Kevin Hart did an oppsie
SmokeMassTree1204/07 11:39pm
Lmao I really rustled this mod
SmokeMassTree9704/03 7:35am
Ohh boy, it's 2019 and segregation is alive and well
SmokeMassTree1604/02 9:17pm
Arriving today by 8pm
SmokeMassTree4304/01 7:15am
What is this tinder babe talking about?
SmokeMassTree1403/28 5:38pm
Attn: mead
SmokeMassTree4203/25 10:54am
I love saving money
SmokeMassTree2003/24 11:25am
I'm all for gun owners rights, but I'll be the first to admit fully auto weapons
SmokeMassTree2203/22 12:59pm
New Amy Schumer special!!!
SmokeMassTree2903/21 1:58pm
Going gun shopping tomorrow!!!
SmokeMassTree1503/19 1:53pm
Help me with legal issue POTd
SmokeMassTree2303/13 2:03pm
If you were going to hide money in your house, where would you do it?
SmokeMassTree2503/11 10:03pm
Would you voluntarily be carnivorous for a month?
SmokeMassTree9503/10 7:46pm
Ugh my son wants to go see captain Mary Sue
SmokeMassTree1503/08 2:21pm
Guess how much
SmokeMassTree1603/07 4:48pm
Cheddar jalapeño Cheetos Crunchwrap supreme
SmokeMassTree503/03 12:07am
Dr. Phil was on Joe Rogan's podcast!
SmokeMassTree202/27 10:21am
Microsoft did an opsie
SmokeMassTree1302/21 12:17pm
We are in a state of EMERGENCY!!!
SmokeMassTree3302/16 12:19pm
Lmao I got banned on tinder
SmokeMassTree3902/15 1:48pm
How vengeful are you?
SmokeMassTree2702/13 8:11pm
So that apex legends game
SmokeMassTree802/06 3:28pm
How many sjw ads will there be during the superbowl
SmokeMassTree2202/04 12:36pm
Taco Bell took their best menu item and possibly made it better
SmokeMassTree1001/29 11:25pm
This is a real commercial that was just on tv (toy topic)
SmokeMassTree501/26 1:22pm
I just watched a video on facebook of a woman taking a taser to her vagina
SmokeMassTree901/25 2:22pm
Build the wall, crime will fall!
SmokeMassTree1801/25 5:28am
On Thursdays we eat salmon
SmokeMassTree501/17 6:16pm
So the Spider-Man trailer is out
SmokeMassTree901/15 5:25pm
Who's more harmful to American society?
SmokeMassTree301/14 2:10pm
Is a WHITE person that is doing a black face mask racist?
SmokeMassTree701/12 11:08pm
My girl wants to have a threesome with another lady (help)
SmokeMassTree3001/10 6:03pm
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