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ITT: I play .hack//G.U. Last Recode (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova6308/12 6:05am
ITT: I play Ni no Kuni Remastered (spoilers)
Shotgunnova4808/10 6:58pm
Major oil spill in Mauritius
Shotgunnova208/08 7:46pm
It's a chessboard.
Shotgunnova1408/08 5:08pm
Someone can have this Steam code
Shotgunnova607/30 11:25pm
Literally a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky and literally no topic
Shotgunnova1507/28 1:58pm
[FREE] Warhammer 40K: Rites of War @ GOG
Shotgunnova307/18 6:38pm
ITT: I watch Red Dwarf and maybe other UK shows
Shotgunnova39607/17 5:05am
July 12 is Independence Day for Kiribati + Sao Tome and Principe!
Shotgunnova2207/12 2:02pm
[MLB The Show] 22 years as a closer!
Shotgunnova3607/09 9:31pm
So how's NBA2K20?
Shotgunnova2507/08 8:23pm
Wait, the Kingdoms of Amalur rerelease is getting a new expansion?
Shotgunnova407/07 1:54pm
July 6th is Independence Day for the Comoros and Malawi!
Shotgunnova3407/06 3:06pm
July 5th is Independence Day for Algeria, Cape Verde and Venezuela!
Shotgunnova6007/05 10:09pm
June 5th is Independence Day for Algeria, Cape Verde and Venezuela!
Shotgunnova907/05 6:58am
[FREE] Eye of the Beholder Trilogy @ GOG
Shotgunnova2006/19 1:12pm
[MTG] This new card is so stompy
Shotgunnova14106/10 1:09pm
There's a new hero out there and he's not going to let anyone stand in his way.
Shotgunnova105/22 2:54pm
[Free on Steam] Crusader Kings 2: Horse Lords DLC
Shotgunnova1105/16 12:24pm
Wreck of the USS Nevada located
Shotgunnova205/15 7:31pm
[MLB The Show] Gonna start a franchise
Shotgunnova1205/15 6:18am
We're getting close to Nelson. Any closer, I'm shooting any legionary I see.
Shotgunnova305/11 12:46am
If you wanted to buy Eidos games on Steam, now's a good time
Shotgunnova1105/09 8:51pm
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation free on Humble Bundle right now
Shotgunnova305/07 1:44pm
RIP Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk)
Shotgunnova405/06 10:03pm
Is there a video game tutorial more unneeded than this?
Shotgunnova2405/04 6:06pm
What game is this monkey from?
Shotgunnova1004/30 7:14pm
Hitman 2016 free on PS4 (in some regions, anyway)
Shotgunnova1104/30 7:36am
[Reminder] Total War: Shogun 2 is free on Steam right now
Shotgunnova604/28 6:23am
What wrestling move is this?
Shotgunnova704/25 10:28am
ITT: post kickass 70s songs
Shotgunnova21403/23 6:43pm
Astronomers discover planet that rains liquid iron
Shotgunnova903/15 10:35pm
ITT: I watch Blackadder and maybe other UK comedies
Shotgunnova7203/13 10:07pm
[MLB The Show 19] The Unhittable Pitch
Shotgunnova803/12 8:49pm
ITT: post kickass 60s songs
Shotgunnova50003/07 12:48pm
Free on Steam until March 9: Crusader Kings II DLC (The Reaper's Due)
Shotgunnova103/07 9:35am
What sad Pokemon theme is this? (Vocaroo)
Shotgunnova103/06 6:35pm
The Uncertain: TLQD free on Steam today (March 6th) only!
Shotgunnova403/06 1:57pm
[MLB The Show 19] If I throw a splitter, do I need a changeup?
Shotgunnova1803/06 12:00am
ITT: I play Kingdom Come Deliverance (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova45903/02 7:54am
I'm going to watch all episodes of Father Ted
Shotgunnova5602/27 1:25am
Sons of Abraham (Crusader Kings 2 DLC) free for limited time!
Shotgunnova801/25 4:13pm
Grandma drumming "Down With the Sickness"
Shotgunnova401/04 9:18pm
[MLB The Show 19] I pitched a perfect game!
Shotgunnova1812/26 11:52am
Free Ghost of Tsushima PS4 theme
Shotgunnova512/23 11:26pm
ITT: I play the newer Hitman 2 (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova1812/09 6:21pm
Newest MTG novel is getting a lot of flak (spoilers)
Shotgunnova411/14 10:58pm
Just got to Act 4 in Divinity 2: OS [spoilers]
Shotgunnova4411/12 10:09pm
What game's final boss was a helicopter on a tennis court?
Shotgunnova611/12 1:06pm
[MTG] 30+ new Theros cards allegedly leaked -- spoilers
Shotgunnova310/30 2:55pm
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