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ITT: post kickass 60s songs
Shotgunnova41101/17 3:11pm
ITT: I play Kingdom Come Deliverance (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova24401/17 10:30am
Grandma drumming "Down With the Sickness"
Shotgunnova401/04 9:18pm
[MLB The Show 19] I pitched a perfect game!
Shotgunnova1812/26 11:52am
Free Ghost of Tsushima PS4 theme
Shotgunnova512/23 11:26pm
ITT: I play the newer Hitman 2 (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova1812/09 6:21pm
Newest MTG novel is getting a lot of flak (spoilers)
Shotgunnova411/14 10:58pm
Just got to Act 4 in Divinity 2: OS [spoilers]
Shotgunnova4411/12 10:09pm
What game's final boss was a helicopter on a tennis court?
Shotgunnova611/12 1:06pm
[MTG] 30+ new Theros cards allegedly leaked -- spoilers
Shotgunnova310/30 2:55pm
Valve made new CS:GO keys untradable today
Shotgunnova510/29 2:00pm
Someone can have this Steam key
Shotgunnova510/17 8:15pm
Best song on: Remain in Light (Talking Heads)
Shotgunnova110/09 1:48pm
The Show '19 (free on PS+ this month) is actually pretty great
Shotgunnova2010/06 5:24pm
ITT: I play Divinity: Original Sin 2 (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova11910/04 8:36am
The Album-Guessing Game, Pt. 2: Guess Again
Shotgunnova50009/26 1:09am
The Album-Guessing Game!
Shotgunnova49809/20 9:29pm
I joined Reddit lol
Shotgunnova609/09 8:02am
Pick one: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]
Shotgunnova2109/07 8:23pm
ITT: post kickass 70s tunes
Shotgunnova31408/23 11:39am
Girls Frontline General 11: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mosin
Shotgunnova50008/22 10:07pm
Shenmue 3 Gamescom 2019 trailer
Shotgunnova608/22 11:39am
So how's the new season of OITNB?
Shotgunnova507/29 8:51pm
I'm binge watching Diamond no Ace (baseball anime)
Shotgunnova3407/22 4:40pm
ITT: I play Tales of Berseria (spoilers)
Shotgunnova9407/17 1:20am
ITT: I play Middle-earth Shadow of War (spoilers)
Shotgunnova6707/10 1:23am
ITT: I play Assassin's Creed Revelations (spoilers)
Shotgunnova2506/30 3:29pm
ITT: I play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova3706/27 8:31pm
ITT: I play Ace Combat 7 (spoilers)
Shotgunnova3006/23 8:32pm
ITT: I play Dragon Quest 11 (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova8706/21 8:03pm
ITT: post kickass 90s songs
Shotgunnova50006/19 8:35pm
MGS5: Sell me on the idea of using D-Horse
Shotgunnova1706/09 5:15pm
Shenmue 3 delayed until November
Shotgunnova506/03 4:56pm
ITT: I play Black Ops 3...again (spoilers)
Shotgunnova105/27 12:24pm
Just started playing Black Ops III (spoilers)
Shotgunnova1905/20 4:39pm
Started playing Shadow of Mordor today (spoilers)
Shotgunnova3505/17 12:42am
The Expanse season 3 has been pretty good so far (spoilers)
Shotgunnova3003/23 2:48am
The Album Quiz, Pt. 2: Guess Again
Shotgunnova30903/22 6:34am
Guess these album covers!
Shotgunnova49003/16 6:11pm
Grid 2 free in the Humble store
Shotgunnova1203/16 10:21am
CYOA: Adventures on a Flat Earth
Shotgunnova2503/10 3:07pm
New Shenmue 3 trailer out!
Shotgunnova1103/09 2:22pm
Someone can have this Steam code
Shotgunnova703/06 11:26am
Agent 47, do not question the mission.
Shotgunnova102/12 9:40pm
25-year-old Dinosaur Jr. song now a hit in Japan
Shotgunnova1502/09 9:54am
Pick a number: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
Shotgunnova3401/07 2:38pm
How good is Knights of the Old Republic?
Shotgunnova5201/07 4:52am
ITT: kickass 70s songs
Shotgunnova26812/31 3:46pm
Girls Frontline General 8: Rate-Ups and Beatdowns
Shotgunnova1012/31 10:36am
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Shotgunnova711/25 8:55pm
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