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How long do you think a clipboard lasts
SaltyAndSweet912/14 2:32pm
The Incredible Hulk has probably the most cringe moment in all the MCU
SaltyAndSweet903/30 1:46pm
Morrowind GOTY is free today on the bethesda site
SaltyAndSweet1803/26 2:21am
Apple allegedly announcing their streaming service today
SaltyAndSweet303/25 2:10pm
The best flavor ICEE is coke
SaltyAndSweet1103/24 11:30pm
I like that part in Infinity War (spoilers)
SaltyAndSweet1103/20 6:57pm
I didn't know that the Jon Snow actor was married to the Ygritte actress
SaltyAndSweet103/20 1:46pm
Innocent man assaulted for practicing lockpicking on his neighbor's door
SaltyAndSweet2403/20 11:17am
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