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Oh, **** you Wizards [Magic the Gathering]
MarvelousGerbil2007/08 9:16pm
Gerbil ranks the final evolutions of all* the Pokemon 2: Electric Boogaloo
MarvelousGerbil20807/08 8:30pm
In order to post in this topic, you'll have to get past Jondar!
MarvelousGerbil807/08 7:42pm
Wow, I never knew Mew was originally a jerk [First Movie Japanese Sub Spoilers]
MarvelousGerbil607/06 1:05pm
Would the anime have sucked if they had gone with Clefairy as Ash's starter?
MarvelousGerbil2507/05 6:40pm
So, I watched the first 18 episodes of Louie yesterday...
MarvelousGerbil207/05 4:21pm
Damn I feel stupid...
MarvelousGerbil1207/05 10:16am
It's bull**** I did not hit her, I did not hit her, I did not!
MarvelousGerbil1007/05 8:56am
Take Raiden to the Dentist, Bring Snake to the Zoo.
MarvelousGerbil106/29 9:37am
Ah, now here's someone I can vote for...
MarvelousGerbil106/28 7:08pm
XD Google...
MarvelousGerbil406/24 10:53pm
Hey guys, I fount Joffrey Baratheon's favorite board game [GoT Spoilers]
MarvelousGerbil106/24 7:23pm
Wait a minute...
MarvelousGerbil306/22 12:22pm
Is there way to find cheap stuff on Barnes and Noble
MarvelousGerbil106/21 8:50pm
Sudden epiphany
MarvelousGerbil806/20 9:18am
Not sure if want...
MarvelousGerbil806/15 8:56pm
XD, guy on BGG literally asking if it's ok to stack your deck in Dominion
MarvelousGerbil106/15 2:31pm
Nostalgia Critic rates the top 11 Simpsons Episodes
MarvelousGerbil1806/14 6:11pm
If you want Dominion stuff (or other board games potentially)...
MarvelousGerbil406/13 6:37pm
Is it possible for Kickstarter to get scammed?
MarvelousGerbil1406/13 3:56pm
Has anyone here watched old Dr. Who?
MarvelousGerbil106/11 10:18pm
John Goodman's new movie Flight [Community]
MarvelousGerbil106/11 11:43am
Ever notice that once David Tennant appeared in Harry Potter (GoF)
MarvelousGerbil106/10 9:23pm
Gerbil ranks the final evolutions of all* the pokemon
MarvelousGerbil48606/07 4:45pm
WTF, zombies in Baltimore now
MarvelousGerbil1205/31 9:13pm
MarvelousGerbil405/24 8:05pm
Did Bee Movie have an after credits scene?
MarvelousGerbil405/22 10:10pm
Damnit OOTS *spoilers*
MarvelousGerbil105/18 6:29pm
Well, I'm glad we all got a new game today...
MarvelousGerbil1905/16 11:22am
Lol Spongebob [Airbender]
MarvelousGerbil1505/14 3:20pm
Now that I think about it, I'm glad I haven't seen Avengers yet...
MarvelousGerbil6705/14 4:09am
At the moment, this poll only needs the option "Doritos Loco Taco"
MarvelousGerbil205/13 9:33pm
Is there a free program that takes the words from songs, but leaves the music?
MarvelousGerbil405/13 2:16pm
Gandalf, you're making me late to work...
MarvelousGerbil805/10 7:28pm
Just went to see The Avengers... *spoilers*
MarvelousGerbil905/09 10:04pm
Do you like or dislike Stan Lee appearing in the Marvel movies?
MarvelousGerbil3705/09 5:34pm
"I won't have my daughter bringing a black man into this house!"
MarvelousGerbil705/09 1:41pm
Do certain actors ever seal the deal for you to watch a movie/tv show?
MarvelousGerbil4305/09 7:07am
I just caught a live mouse in my trash can...
MarvelousGerbil1305/08 3:49pm
Well... somebody likes Rhyhorn
MarvelousGerbil4005/08 3:07pm
Come into this topic thinking of a Dragon Pokemon
MarvelousGerbil2605/06 3:03pm
I haven't seen The Incredible Hulk or Captain America movies...
MarvelousGerbil1805/05 4:23am
Minimum Donations...
MarvelousGerbil1105/03 9:21pm
What are some good Scarecrow comics? [Batman]
MarvelousGerbil1605/03 4:33pm
I forgot it's been a year since Osama bin Laden died...
MarvelousGerbil905/01 11:51am
Wait a minute... Arby's=R.B.=Roast Beef
MarvelousGerbil2204/30 7:17pm
In b4 ertyu "what ever to this pool"
MarvelousGerbil204/27 9:25pm
I still can't believe there's a character named "Savage Opress"
MarvelousGerbil504/27 6:12pm
Rank these sitcoms
MarvelousGerbil1804/27 3:13pm
Mitch All Together>Do You Believe in Gosh>Strategic Grill Locations
MarvelousGerbil104/25 11:50am
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