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GameTok with Lok: Ehhh... no reason musical playlist
Lokarin501/17 1:32am
What all Switch MP games require the paid online?
Lokarin2301/16 11:53pm
Do you like different toppings on thin crust pizza compared to regular/pan/deep?
Lokarin3701/16 11:12pm
GameTok with Lok: What are some items that are good in certain games...
Lokarin1101/16 8:41pm
It's now -41c outside... oof
Lokarin1301/16 10:25am
What's the difference between post-modernism and pre-futurism?
Lokarin501/16 8:31am
Video Game Scavenger Hunt!
Lokarin1201/15 12:05pm
Has there ever been a SciFi in Space version of bible stories yet?
Lokarin1501/15 9:19am
You are prescribed an opioid and take less than prescribed and die...
Lokarin801/14 11:23am
Does anyone else find the instant-kill animations in AC:Unity to be a bit creepy
Lokarin201/13 12:24pm
Hypothetical (sexy): You've just taken your parents out for a nice dinner...
Lokarin1501/13 7:55am
I wish you all a delicious tomato or tomato product!
Lokarin301/13 6:08am
GameTok with Lok: Allow me to recommend you some games
Lokarin2301/13 3:37am
Neil Peart ded
Lokarin601/12 1:44pm
A middle eastern/russian Coalition airstrike kills Charles Manson, what a do?
Lokarin1001/12 12:17pm
Is the Empire State building strong enough to actually support a great ape?
Lokarin1001/12 12:00pm
oofs, the tops of my shoulders have like 3" knots in them...
Lokarin1201/12 4:59am
I wish the rest of the live action FMA movie was as good as the intro
Lokarin101/11 11:42pm
ITT: I train y'all to play Dota 2: Part 2
Lokarin301/11 3:25am
Ow, my eyes! GameFAQs is too bright in 4k!!!
Lokarin2801/10 10:55pm
Merry Christmas~!
Lokarin101/10 12:52am
You're playing a medieval sim/board game: What are the advantages of fascism?
Lokarin601/09 10:28pm
So... what's the deal with Octopath Traveller?
Lokarin3401/07 11:14pm
I wish all of you happiness... and brappiness
Lokarin401/07 2:11am
It's Monday! Pizza or Healthfood
Lokarin201/06 6:54pm
Are the shittiest nukes still stronger than the most powerful alternatives?
Lokarin601/06 12:16am
Hopefully it's still up, here's a Mario Maker 2 code for y'all to try
Lokarin101/05 6:56pm
What's the slowest, most methodical, intelligent game you've ever played
Lokarin2701/05 6:56pm
The Playmobil movie is an abomination
Lokarin201/04 8:10pm
I'll be going to Edmonton GLOW later today if anyone else is in the area
Lokarin801/03 10:55pm
What's the name for that part of hair that goes above the sideburns?
Lokarin701/03 3:56pm
If you gamble $1 and the expected outcome over time is 50 cents...
Lokarin901/03 11:02am
What's your favourite use of (nearly) instant death in video games?
Lokarin1401/02 10:50pm
Guess the game I'm thinking of, win a prize
Lokarin6101/02 9:18pm
Hypothetical: If a 99% popular bill is shot down in congress... what do?
Lokarin1001/02 3:22pm
Weird, I just got perma banned on r/feminism for my first and only post there.
Lokarin2101/02 1:49pm
Some mac'n'cheese lasagna with little sliced sausages sounds pretty good
Lokarin701/01 10:49pm
Let's find the Garden of Eden!
Lokarin1101/01 4:49pm
A camera can be advertised as 12900 gigapixel even if it takes bad pictures
Lokarin101/01 12:10pm
I wish you a happy newark!
Lokarin701/01 9:33am
I ate'd some onion rings and now my tum tum is angry at me
Lokarin812/31 9:24pm
Are vaccines sorcery?
Lokarin612/31 7:44pm
I found a great secret way to lose weight! Doctors hate me~!
Lokarin512/31 4:12pm
So... if they made a new Rogue Squadron game, what would they even put on it?
Lokarin212/30 7:15pm
What are some good ways to keep pressure off your coccyx/tailbone?
Lokarin1212/30 12:56pm
What would you say is the best attack in Naruto?
Lokarin1612/30 11:53am
Is it alright to be comfy and sleepy in the postmid-holiday season?
Lokarin212/30 5:21am
What would you say is the thirst-quenchiest drink there is (water is minimum)
Lokarin2212/29 8:46pm
Recommend me Steam thingies
Lokarin1212/29 11:09am
Is RTX 2060 ok for 4k gaming or do you neeed, like, dual 2080 Supers or somethin
Lokarin312/29 7:28am
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