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Help me plan out my blacklog
Lokarin1608/06 9:12pm
i forgot how good linkin park is
Lokarin2208/06 7:49pm
agree/disagree: Are these fair summaries of various eco-political ideals?
Lokarin508/06 6:09am
Red Cross sucks
Lokarin508/05 10:53pm
oof, i was just out photographing the lake for 3 hours...
Lokarin3008/05 6:50pm
Why are the pro-choice mask people anti-abortion?
Lokarin5908/05 3:20pm
hey! Trump did a good!
Lokarin1508/04 11:44pm
I got a lot done today! Shaved, showered, laundered, camera'd...
Lokarin508/04 11:03pm
Is it rude to order pizza ina thunderstorm?
Lokarin3508/04 7:16pm
Miyamoto wins; Fatality (Double Flawless!!!)
Lokarin708/03 8:59pm
Is it possible for a Sorbet to wreck ur guts even if other dairy does not?
Lokarin1108/03 5:11pm
y'all ever get a wrong number text?
Lokarin1208/03 3:58am
Dang ass american pirates!
Lokarin608/02 11:19pm
What's the best entree with meat as the side?
Lokarin1108/02 10:58pm
hey, where can you get coins when the bank is closed?
Lokarin2708/02 8:23pm
A reminder that if a Chinese girl truthfully says she's 18 she might be 16...
Lokarin408/02 7:16pm
I like taking pictures, but I can only take pics of the same birds so many times
Lokarin308/02 5:47pm
There's snipers in the trees, man!
Lokarin1008/01 4:21pm
Ima try something weird with my diet for August
Lokarin1708/01 3:13pm
Star Citizen devs plan new roadmap of the dev roadmap for their roadmap
Lokarin107/31 9:56pm
Turkey bans Kurdish language from Kurdish Language class
Lokarin607/31 9:51pm
It's raining!!!! yay!
Lokarin407/31 11:49am
Had Wendys... .... 1/10
Lokarin5407/31 9:57am
I got cooties!
Lokarin1707/30 4:02pm
Insider traders don't even try to hide it any more...
Lokarin807/30 2:35pm
What was the problem with No Man's Sky?
Lokarin1507/30 1:50pm
How much do chips cost where you're at
Lokarin3007/30 11:40am
But muh confederacy!
Lokarin107/29 2:57pm
weather reports are lies!!!
Lokarin407/29 11:23am
ya know the saying don't stick ur dick in crazy?
Lokarin2207/29 10:39am
Can't find Baked Lays (or Old Dutch) anywhere... so I checked Amazon
Lokarin407/28 11:44am
Ohp, Youtube is recommending random stupid checkmarks again
Lokarin107/28 12:47am
What's the difference between dawn and daybreak?
Lokarin307/27 3:39pm
Not a lot of 'good' necromancers in fiction...
Lokarin2707/27 2:58pm
What about a Minecraft battle royale?
Lokarin307/27 5:44am
What's a good time to go out to get early morning pictures?
Lokarin407/26 1:53pm
PAW Patrol is so vile that not even the White House can kill it
Lokarin107/25 9:49pm
In case of accidental ingestion... locate yourself
Lokarin207/25 10:53am
Meanwhile... in Canada
Lokarin307/25 8:20am
It's only 20c, but somehow BLAZING HOT!!!!
Lokarin1207/25 2:00am
Science discovers bisexual men are not a myth
Lokarin2507/25 12:49am
I got a candy that says may contain milk eggs
Lokarin507/25 12:11am
Anyone know anything about pro photography?
Lokarin3907/24 11:09pm
Does your entire day just get frozen/put on hold when expecting a delivery?
Lokarin707/24 4:04pm
Would you perma-kill one of your party, or sacrifice ALL your items?
Lokarin2407/24 3:32am
churches don't pay taxes, still get PPP loan
Lokarin1507/23 6:23pm
Upcoming and new games for ya:
Lokarin1107/22 8:27pm
I can't tell who's in the right, here.
Lokarin107/22 7:28pm
Computing power may increase 100x in the near future (shitty source)
Lokarin607/22 6:17pm
Trump discriminates
Lokarin1207/22 9:11am
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