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Who's sexier?
Lobomoon209/11 7:13pm
Full Throttle owns this board!
Lobomoon409/05 6:38am
I heard there is a fire in Amazon.
Lobomoon209/04 12:24am
chocolate milk vs iced coffee
Lobomoon1408/29 11:09pm
So I is hears the China's economy is about to collapse.
Lobomoon208/29 8:26pm
You are doing it worng! WRONG!! You are WRONG!!!
Lobomoon1508/28 11:17pm
So there is a new show starting on CW on October 6 called Buttwoman.
Lobomoon108/28 10:57pm
I just watched Avengers: Endgame. (spoilers)
Lobomoon1508/28 6:18am
OMG! My favorite celebrity couple Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus just split!
Lobomoon308/23 12:21am
Are you Pro-Beijing or Pro-Hong Kong?
Lobomoon3208/19 4:32am
So, guy, are you buying Samsung Galaxy Note 10, dude?
Lobomoon2708/15 11:25pm
What type of protection do you use...
Lobomoon408/14 9:02pm
So I heard they are now blaming 8chan for the shootings.
Lobomoon908/12 6:36pm
Introducing gun control because of mass shootings is like...
Lobomoon2308/06 1:30am
What do you do on your phone when you have free time and nothing better to do?
Lobomoon3807/28 2:51pm
A question for gay posters on this board (only click this topic if you are gay).
Lobomoon4307/26 5:35am
Belt or Suspenders?
Lobomoon1007/22 8:21pm
Dr. Mario World.
Lobomoon507/19 9:45am
Which free email service do you use?
Lobomoon507/18 10:51pm
How do you wipe your butt?
Lobomoon1807/17 9:39pm
Marvel's Ten Realms.
Lobomoon507/15 11:25pm
How many teaspoons of sugar / sugar substitute do you put in your tea / coffee?
Lobomoon2407/12 4:48pm
Can someone explain to me in simple terms what Reddit is?
Lobomoon4707/11 6:50am
So let's say you have only 30 minutes to live...
Lobomoon1107/09 3:34am
I decided to learn Spanish. I'll book in Beto O'Rourke as my teacher.
Lobomoon506/30 9:37pm
So I heard Trump met with The President of the Moon! Some South Korean dude...
Lobomoon206/30 6:45pm
Do you wash your butt with water after number 2?
Lobomoon3006/14 10:29pm
Is it bad for your health not to do you-know-what for too long?
Lobomoon1705/27 11:25pm
Anyone bought Oculus Quest yet?
Lobomoon505/27 10:37pm
Is it OK to secretly videotape...
Lobomoon1605/17 5:17am
OMG, guys!!! You have to try The Elder Scrolls: Blades!!!
Lobomoon403/28 12:40pm
Burger King in Thailand.
Lobomoon1603/27 6:07pm
Do you like holes?
Lobomoon1303/26 7:01pm
Australian AFLW - Tayla Harris.
Lobomoon403/20 6:36pm
What would you do if someone egged you in the head?
Lobomoon2203/19 1:24am
Them men is be like 'kicked out of Uber for being gay'
Lobomoon3403/07 10:08pm
What was the last thing you bought that cost over 100 USD?
Lobomoon6003/02 2:17pm
Don't post your home address in this topic!
Lobomoon1602/26 9:25pm
If you could have one of those superpowers - which one would you pick?
Lobomoon2402/26 7:35pm
Do you believe humans are the main cause of Climate Change / Global Warming?
Lobomoon2402/25 4:18pm
Do you like eating?
Lobomoon3002/22 11:02am
Have you ever 'crossed swords' with another guy, if you know what I mean?
Lobomoon2102/20 11:55pm
Are you buying Galaxy Fold?
Lobomoon702/20 6:07pm
Do you believe in Climate Change / Global Warming?
Lobomoon1002/15 11:35am
How do you like my new signature?
Lobomoon2002/14 7:48pm
Which game on your mobile do you play the most?
Lobomoon3402/14 3:50pm
X-Box One or PS4?
Lobomoon1602/11 11:07pm
Russia just disconnected from internet in preparation for war with USA!
Lobomoon402/11 10:33pm
OMG, guyz! Have you tried Apex Legends?! It's like the best thing since sliced..
Lobomoon602/11 12:41pm
Do you use VPN?
Lobomoon502/11 1:56am
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