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TFW Splinter Cell Conviction is the closest we'll get to a Taken video game.
Kitt104/22 7:58am
Might I suggest we have a Brie Larson general?
Kitt2004/22 7:17am
PlayStation = Play + Station
Kitt1304/22 6:17am
The Endgame embargo goes up tomorrow.
Kitt704/22 5:31am
What's the most overused song in all of advertising?
Kitt3304/21 9:54pm
Remember Flappy Bird?
Kitt804/21 10:12am
I want to make a Star Wars game called 'Star Wars: City of Jedis.'
Kitt404/21 10:10am
What's the general census on Die Antwoord? Do people like them?
Kitt1904/21 12:41am
ODB was the best member of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Kitt704/20 8:51pm
I flex on a bitch like...
Kitt104/20 7:41pm
Woah, come with me now
Kitt104/20 6:43pm
Can you recommend me White musicians who do chipper covers of dirty rap songs?
Kitt1204/19 6:18pm
We need to bring back the slang "Home-Piece".
Kitt1104/19 4:40pm
I had a Chik-Fil-A sandwhich for the first time in a few years.
Kitt5604/19 2:07pm
Scenario: Your best friend is dating a succubus.
Kitt4204/19 12:11pm
Comix Zone is the best Sega property.
Kitt2004/19 8:26am
Literally a new episode of What We Do in the Shadows tonight on FX and no topic.
Kitt204/19 5:54am
Throwback Thursday: 123456 Pokemon
Kitt104/18 12:11pm
I'm still baffled that Smells Like Teen Spirit took off as much as it did.
Kitt1404/18 8:09am
I'm eating rabbit for the first time.
Kitt1404/17 10:05pm
What is Rocksteady games up to?
Kitt1404/17 8:51pm
Some woman is somewhere around Colorado with a shotgun/ammo.
Kitt2204/17 5:51pm
Damn. I ate some good ass cheese just now.
Kitt3404/16 3:17pm
Do you think you can beat Adam Levine in a fight?
Kitt1204/16 11:02am
You know, Akinyele was surprisingly progressive for a 90s rapper.
Kitt304/16 9:36am
I'm still butt tickled that General Grievous kept getting lamer and lamer.
Kitt1404/16 7:54am
C/D: All cross-gen games should have cross save.
Kitt104/16 6:13am
What would win between a jaguar and an alligator?
Kitt1004/16 5:13am
There should be an option to undo accepted moderations.
Kitt1004/16 4:57am
How does it feel knowing that you'll never be as cool as this guy.
Kitt1104/15 6:39pm
Do they play "The Touch" in Bumblebee?
Kitt804/15 5:02pm
Back in the day
Kitt204/15 9:42am
You never know if you don't go.
Kitt604/15 9:16am
Which Joan Jett/Blackhearts song is their most popular?
Kitt1704/15 9:12am
I randomly thought about Keyboard Cat and it's making laugh uncontrollably.
Kitt104/15 6:25am
It's crazy how inconsistent "Trolling" is on here.
Kitt404/15 5:40am
PSA: Shut The Fuck Up
Kitt2504/14 3:45pm
Man, fuck the Masters.
Kitt1004/14 1:14pm
Is tippiy still a hot topic in the internet?
Kitt604/14 10:03am
Ever eat something so good it kind of makes you mad?
Kitt104/14 7:27am
Oh shit, they changed up the music at work!
Kitt304/14 6:17am
Anyone else afraid of getting murdered in their sleep?
Kitt1804/13 1:00pm
Someone explain Final Fantasy of to me.
Kitt1904/13 10:11am
Tom Cruise ruins cartoon woman's blog.
Kitt3104/12 10:20pm
Oh SHIT. How come nobody told me The Tick season 2 already dropped!?
Kitt104/12 7:23pm
You wouldn't download a car.
Kitt604/12 6:48pm
How come Star Wars don't use licensed music?
Kitt704/12 4:18pm
Perhaps we should follow the path of the Devonian sea creatures and...
Kitt304/12 3:27pm
Confession: I really didn't like the Matrix.
Kitt8404/12 5:34am
So there's a movie about teenaged boys repeatedly raping a zombie.
Kitt8104/11 9:20pm
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