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Is there a such thing as a nice trailer park?
Kitt706/15 6:42pm
Corrupt the above poster's username.
Kitt1306/15 5:57pm
I'm a good person.
Kitt106/15 5:28pm
Friendly reminder that John Landis got away with killing three people.
Kitt306/15 8:58am
I made baked chicken and my roommate really liked it.
Kitt706/15 2:57am
What should I do with my really expensive camera that I bought years ago...
Kitt606/14 8:34pm
My friend have been turning every conversation into financial talk lately.
Kitt306/14 8:01pm
Yyou ever really like someone that was also into you but...
Kitt606/14 5:34pm
Stepping on a piece of glass is one of the single worst things ever.
Kitt706/14 2:31pm
I legitimately did not know there was a footloose remake in 2011.
Kitt906/14 1:44pm
Check my grill, girl.
Kitt706/13 3:37pm
Tarantino is one of the GoaT. Dude never directed a bad movie.
Kitt3606/13 2:04pm
"Broken Lawn Chair" = Slang for losing one's virginity?
Kitt606/13 11:13am
Artists of CE. Draw me something in my honor.
Kitt1906/13 9:24am
Scenario: Your child's first words are "Weeb shit".
Kitt706/13 8:13am
I don't like thing.
Kitt706/13 7:59am
Do Australians really clap after killing big spiders?
Kitt506/13 7:33am
Far Cry 2 pales in comparison to the newer games.
Kitt2206/12 10:30pm
Is Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" the beta national anthem?
Kitt3206/12 5:03pm
Gwen Stefani is better with a band opposed to her solo stuff.
Kitt706/12 2:34pm
CE, can I have your opinion on this scenario? (Long post) (Relationship shit)
Kitt906/12 8:20am
Rocketman man was pretty sweet, man.
Kitt506/12 4:27am
Well I think I fucked my PC up.
Kitt2706/11 9:40pm
Final Fantasy 7 Remake actually looks pretty sweet.
Kitt4306/11 9:15pm
I just want a AAA next-gen X-Men action-RPG.
Kitt1506/11 2:38pm
Oh shit, Superhot is on PS4.
Kitt406/11 12:25pm
Viewtiful Joe was so great. I kind of wish there was another one.
Kitt2306/11 9:21am
Oh boy, ANOTHER Dragonball Z game.
Kitt1506/11 8:44am
So the U.S. already picked their theme song for the Tokyo Olympics it seems.
Kitt106/11 7:30am
So we can openly talk about Cap using Thor's hammer, right?
Kitt4406/10 6:44pm
Behold, my living room!
Kitt706/10 4:01pm
Oh boy, I can't wait to get home and eat some of that leftover pizza we have.
Kitt906/10 3:16pm
That guy who called Keanu Reeves breathtaking will get a free copy of CP2077
Kitt2306/10 1:50pm
Dancing is Forbidden
Kitt1406/10 9:43am
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man is a great comic series.
Kitt106/10 8:07am
Does the bottom of your feet burn after doing the deed sometimes?
Kitt1006/10 12:18am
I hope Doom Eternal let us fight beings in Heaven.
Kitt2806/09 11:19pm
If I join the army can I become a Bard?
Kitt306/09 8:55pm
Whatever happened to Spacehog (The band)?
Kitt406/09 2:27pm
Hot Take: Superman is more relatable than Batman.
Kitt1906/09 10:13am
How much will my cool points increase by if I start wearing a flannel...
Kitt1706/08 10:00pm
Steven Seagal is a little bitch.
Kitt5806/08 4:34pm
What's Nirvana's second best song behind In Bloom?
Kitt1806/08 3:49pm
So I'm currently house sitting for my mom ama
Kitt2506/07 8:21pm
People who let their home/room become dumps are fucking troglodytes.
Kitt3406/07 3:36pm
Maybe I should start listening to System of a Down.
Kitt506/07 2:10pm
Where's my competitive online turn-based FPSRPG?
Kitt106/07 11:39am
How does people get anything out of humping their mattress?
Kitt606/07 10:39am
Every cross-gen game should have cross-save.
Kitt106/07 10:39am
Capcom = Joke Company
Kitt6706/07 9:36am
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