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The power just went out :(
Kitt2105/06 5:15am
Imagine wanting someone to sit on your face.
Kitt8305/04 3:47pm
No stupid posts are allowed itt.
Kitt1604/30 7:45pm
I hope you guys are having a wonderful day.
Kitt604/30 4:29am
How's Kingdom Come: Deliverance?
Kitt1604/29 4:59pm
It always bugs me how great Timbaland and Kanye West are as producers.
Kitt1104/29 12:27pm
What's your favorite Second-Person shooter game?
Kitt804/29 1:47am
Hey, look, a Deadly Premonition 2 trailer.
Kitt3904/28 3:17pm
What are the last 3 songs you listened to?
Kitt1104/28 11:55am
Are you a moaner, screamer or laugher?
Kitt3304/28 11:12am
The Last of Us 2 leak actually made me interested in the game.
Kitt2004/27 11:18pm
Silly bitch, your weapons don't work on me.
Kitt4104/08 7:24pm
What exactly is the appeal of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure?
Kitt6204/07 3:37pm
I guess I'll give MGSV a try now.
Kitt5004/07 3:30pm
Do you pretend you and your friends are performing your favorite songs?
Kitt304/06 11:00pm
I just finished My Friend Pedro and wow...
Kitt2904/06 7:25pm
Bono did nothing wrong.
Kitt1404/06 5:20pm
Just a friendly reminder that a repurposed GWAR song was in Kids Next Door.
Kitt404/06 3:08pm
Let's come up with a good Superman game.
Kitt5104/06 10:50am
People are complaining about RE3 for all the wrong reasons.
Kitt1304/05 10:20pm
I know I'm late, but those Content Cop videos are strangely addictive.
Kitt2404/05 8:53pm
How come video game YouTubers have collectibles and shit all over their homes?
Kitt504/05 10:31am
So what did you have for lunch today?
Kitt1804/04 4:05pm
I don't smoke, drink, do drugs.
Kitt1204/04 12:36pm
I'm surprised there hasn't been a Big Hero 6 sequel yet.
Kitt2704/03 9:55pm
If you're not dousing your salad in Italian dressing, you're doing it wrong.
Kitt1104/03 8:54pm
I think my roommate's dad thinks I'm strange.
Kitt2304/03 4:08pm
I keep having these reoccurring nightmares.
Kitt104/03 5:05am
The internet is a wonderful creation that has really advanced our society.
Kitt304/02 5:23pm
I did some light exercises and now I feel sick.
Kitt1504/01 4:28pm
Would you recommend MGSV for $4?
Kitt2304/01 1:49pm
Imagine having an alt at all.
Kitt2304/01 10:28am
*Puts no EXP into HP*
Kitt2603/31 7:11pm
The thing I'm most looking forward to in RE3 is Natalie Portman's performance.
Kitt303/31 1:39pm
On a scale of 1-10, how much would you recommend Sekiro?
Kitt2003/31 11:07am
Yo, Quantum Break is kind of boring as fuck...
Kitt603/30 8:52pm
Imagine all the films that'll be made based on this pandemic.
Kitt1503/30 1:01pm
If you ever leave a mechanical pencil around me, I WILL steal it.
Kitt703/30 10:40am
Hearts on Fire >>> Eye of the Tiger
Kitt1303/30 9:38am
Hello there, bretherns! What good news has the day brought upon you?
Kitt1203/29 11:33pm
When is SEGA going to announce their next major console?
Kitt103/29 7:36pm
ITT I talk to you about games I have never played.
Kitt203/29 4:58pm
What is it about anime and rap music that fits surprisingly well?
Kitt3303/29 1:37pm
Landon Montgomery (the co-founder of Gearbox) has passed away.
Kitt503/29 7:45am
Just got the word. My job is officially, temporarily closed.
Kitt803/29 3:49am
Should I get Persona 5 Royal if I want to get into the series?
Kitt503/28 7:58pm
Cyberpunk 2077 have one of the most odd marketing campaigns I've seen for a game
Kitt503/28 3:01pm
Am I weird for rubbing hand sanitizer up and down my arm?
Kitt1003/27 4:56pm
They're forming in a straight line. They're going through a tight wind.
Kitt203/27 3:57pm
Why do really religious people refer to themselves as "God fearing"?
Kitt1203/27 3:48pm
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