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Any credit card tips I should know of?
Kitt4101/20 4:12pm
It just occurred to me... Bioshock: Infinite is basically Call of Duty: Bioshock
Kitt1801/20 9:39am
Ed, Edd n Eddy was a good show.
Kitt2301/20 9:03am
Going to do a tour for some fancy art school in the city.
Kitt1201/19 10:02pm
Your Reaction: Eminem becomes the official new third member of the Beastie Boys.
Kitt901/19 9:34pm
Sometimes, I miss G4...
Kitt801/19 9:04am
Just go talk to her, bro.
Kitt1401/19 7:53am
All this talk about Smash Bros. makes me want to play the far superior N64 game.
Kitt1101/19 12:32am
What's a good comeback for when your boyfriend says 'Go make me a sandwich'?
Kitt2401/18 5:14pm
Manners. Maketh. Man.
Kitt401/18 4:38pm
More like Call of Duty: Modern Welfare
Kitt1301/17 6:05pm
Cheerleaders or band kids.
Kitt401/16 9:58am
Remember the brief video game trend of using Johnny Cash songs in the trailer?
Kitt201/16 6:46am
Coldplay's most well known song?
Kitt701/16 5:37am
I want to make some extra cash on the side. What should I do?
Kitt3701/15 5:58pm
It took you guys long enough to mod that topic.
Kitt2301/15 12:29pm
Guess what? I fucked your dad, kiddo.
Kitt1501/15 12:12pm
Oh look. ANOTHER Dragonball Z game.
Kitt901/15 10:34am
Have you ever bought a collector's edition for a game?
Kitt3301/15 4:42am
I can listen to Bill Burr talk about football all day.
Kitt601/14 8:18pm
Damn, son, I almost threw up for the first time in 13 years.
Kitt2101/14 1:42pm
This is a topic calling out CE's biggest bully.
Kitt5101/14 1:21pm
Why are most of Vol2tex's topics almost always oddly specific questions?
Kitt2301/14 8:08am
Blade Runner 2049's title always bugged.
Kitt601/14 7:53am
Did anybody see "I Lost My Body" on Netflix?
Kitt701/13 8:30pm
So I bought Mass Effect: Andromeda
Kitt2501/13 4:54pm
Morbius trailer
Kitt4101/13 1:55pm
I'm a sucker for production company logos...
Kitt1601/13 12:22pm
I think I've developed a crush on Brie Larson.
Kitt701/13 9:24am
Is 'Little Sister' by Queens of the Stone Age a song about incest?
Kitt2101/12 9:21pm
Sexless Nerd Virgin
Kitt701/12 12:02pm
If Kurt Cobain was still alive, what do you think he would be up to now?
Kitt101/12 10:58am
Karen was the best thing to happen to Nintendo last decade.
Kitt401/12 8:31am
Tyler Perry makes movies about real life.
Kitt301/12 7:25am
Does CE still love Taylor Swift or has she gone the way of Emma Watson?
Kitt101/11 8:29am
Cool! FedEx delivered my package to the wrong home.
Kitt1401/10 10:48pm
Fuck. Yes!
Kitt1001/10 5:50pm
I've been watching my roommate play The Witcher 3.
Kitt1201/10 3:11pm
Dude, I've got no games to play.
Kitt3101/10 11:45am
There should be a DVD/Blu-Ray that's just made up of 2+ hours worth of trailers.
Kitt1701/09 10:15pm
Making the best of the rest of my staycation time.
Kitt101/09 10:58am
Speaking of sequels nobody asked for...
Kitt101/08 5:08pm
How are there no definitive instructions out there on how to wash raglan shirts?
Kitt501/08 11:32am
I got a belated birthday gift (almost a month later).
Kitt101/07 3:10pm
I was (somehow) a "fourth" wheel today. It was awkward...
Kitt101/06 6:01pm
I only recognize one 6 Underground.
Kitt101/06 4:20pm
So did they ever patch a weapon wheel into Bioshock: Infinite?
Kitt101/06 3:26pm
Do people not feel the breeze when their ass crack is exposed when sitting?
Kitt101/06 12:44pm
Robert 1:3 - Jesus said, "Dead I am the one. Exterminating sons."
Kitt201/06 6:23am
Canker sores are proof that the devil is real.
Kitt1701/05 8:47pm
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