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The show that featured Hansen vs Predator got cancelled.
JackSwanye22507/20 2:51pm
I miss Chris Hansen vs Predator. The To Catch a Predator reboot.
JackSwanye2407/19 2:15am
Some guy infiltrating Deep Web child molesters and shared what he learned.
JackSwanye24407/08 9:25am
Always have the Shoryuken on deck
JackSwanye2806/26 8:57pm
Lesbian couple commit suicide jumping into river to escape intolerance in India.
JackSwanye21206/17 9:39pm
Should Franklin be KOS like Xsquader?
JackSwanye22106/15 3:52pm
YR: All of Franklin's alts are banned and there ends up being only 50 users left
JackSwanye2406/14 10:19pm
Oregon State sex offender Luke Heimlich not selected in MLB draft
JackSwanye24406/07 9:50pm
Why are people so shocked about the flairs? This was discussed 8 months ago.
JackSwanye2705/18 12:12am
Just saw a guy who downloaded 400 TB of porn before Net Neutrality ends.
JackSwanye21605/11 10:02am
Mark McGwire Claims He Would Have Hit 70 Home Runs Without Help Of Bat
JackSwanye2605/10 7:04pm
Is it really suspicious to ask a friend to text your new number?
JackSwanye2304/23 4:21pm
Is Dawkins the only banned user who isn't allowed back here?
JackSwanye24104/20 12:59pm
Does the sex offender registry give too much personal information?
JackSwanye21604/18 5:51pm
Where does Dawkins rank among other CE criminals now that he's a sex offender?
JackSwanye2604/13 10:31pm
TIL There is cuck porn with Sheiks.
JackSwanye21804/13 1:01am
TIL PandaMaster now claims he has never been to CE or posted here.
JackSwanye25304/10 9:29pm
Do you remember Streched_Lobes?
JackSwanye21204/10 2:26pm
Are Craigslist personals and Backpage dead?
JackSwanye2104/08 1:59am
Wait. Dawkins is in jail? What did he do?
JackSwanye210704/02 12:58pm
James Deen was in a porn video where he played character based on Louis CK.
JackSwanye21203/31 10:09am
Why does it say Jim Brown is dead on google?
JackSwanye2703/17 11:25pm
6 Crypto investors who lost 770k want revenge on BitConnect for ripping them off
JackSwanye2202/13 4:04pm
There is a reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
JackSwanye2402/07 10:09pm
There is a porn director that is starting beef with that guy that makes art IR.
JackSwanye21602/05 3:29pm
The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be another £100 more expensive than S8.
JackSwanye2602/03 7:51pm
I'm out of the loop. What exactly makes Doge famous?
JackSwanye2302/03 5:04pm
TIL It cost at least $10 to take a pic with a porn star at a convention.
JackSwanye22901/29 11:15am
Another week another porn star died. This time Cherry Poppins.
JackSwanye2701/28 10:23am
Is it normal to not be told via phone, in person, or email you have been fired?
JackSwanye2301/27 4:42pm
Paralympic hopeful says she lost place on team while recovering from gang rape
JackSwanye2401/26 6:12pm
Is the dog Putin has a Doge?
JackSwanye2501/15 7:48pm
So, Charissa Thompson's nudes got leaked.
JackSwanye21501/15 1:34pm
So who were the CE users who left or passed away in 2017.
JackSwanye2801/03 12:28pm
If you had bought $4.40 in bitcoin in 2010. You would be a millionaire now.
JackSwanye2312/08 1:43am
August Ames porn scene that was supposed to be released today postponed.
JackSwanye21512/07 1:30am
Bitcoin just hit $13,000
JackSwanye21112/06 5:41pm
Whatever happened to DragooneerZero?
JackSwanye21112/05 5:01pm
Vertcoin is over $9 now. Is it the next coin to explode?
JackSwanye2512/05 11:27am
The porn guy has $42 million in crypto now.
JackSwanye29612/01 7:28am
There is a tribute video on facebook for P2E to mark the 1 year since he passed
JackSwanye21911/30 8:50pm
BignutzisBack got warned for one of his porn topics.
JackSwanye22111/20 1:57pm
Finally! Tori Black is doing Boy/Girl scenes again for first time in 7 years.
JackSwanye2811/18 4:55pm
So, Megan Rain rekt a porn star that doesn't do IR. Riff Raff is racist.
JackSwanye23010/22 2:27pm
Whatever happened to SArmStr0ng, TheOjollyrodger, StrechedLobes, and MagicDonut?
JackSwanye26810/14 10:16am
Any major users left/died since Mith? I haven't been on CE last few months.
JackSwanye22006/15 9:18pm
So, there was a terror attack in Iran.
JackSwanye21406/07 10:12am
Trump responded to London attack on twitter.
JackSwanye21506/03 7:38pm
Just saw guy with 23 TB of porn justifying why he shouldn't delete it on reddit.
JackSwanye2606/03 5:24pm
A porn video with Piper Perri and the young spanish guy happened.
JackSwanye21206/02 10:30pm
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