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The price we pay for Henry Cavill's amazing Witcher performance. *spoilers*
HornedLion6401/19 11:38pm
The Oblongs!
HornedLion701/19 10:52pm
Oh my God, Becky...
HornedLion3301/19 1:13am
White Supremacists arrested!!!!
HornedLion201/18 5:32pm
You guys ready to catch'em all?
HornedLion301/17 9:37am
Putin, Assad & company caught laughing at Trump.
HornedLion1501/16 10:44am
Having Colorado withdrawals.
HornedLion301/16 2:40am
Christian girl expelled for wearing the symbol of God's promise...
HornedLion1601/16 2:40am
I wanna look like the male version of this chick.
HornedLion2301/15 1:04pm
Arvs third person speak VS Aculo's k
HornedLion3201/13 5:50pm
Popeye's favorite food?
HornedLion401/13 9:14am
First time whittling/carving and I managed to make this...
HornedLion701/12 5:06pm
Attention: Gym Heads
HornedLion901/11 10:28pm
Ricky Gerbil's speech at that awards thingy.
HornedLion6701/10 3:28pm
I'm back in the gym!
HornedLion101/08 9:31am
I've been in the closet and I feel this is the best place to come out...
HornedLion1901/07 4:18pm
What the fuck is happening in the world!?
HornedLion401/07 10:16am
Why are we fucking with Iran!?!?
HornedLion7601/06 4:59pm
This chick looks like a glazed duck!
HornedLion801/05 6:57pm
It's the end of the world!!!!
HornedLion901/05 1:41pm
Hard mattresses cause arthritis?
HornedLion801/02 5:22pm
Rate this white girl!
HornedLion1701/02 1:41am
Oooooh boy. There's a certain type of person that...
HornedLion312/31 9:20pm
Who is going to be your starter?
HornedLion2712/31 3:44pm
Wow... Iggy Pop is older than Bill Nighy.
HornedLion912/31 1:46pm
Samurai Pizza Cats
HornedLion212/30 10:20am
Rate this white girl: Clarissa Ward
HornedLion412/29 7:14pm
Where's the "Another weekend, another shooting" guy?
HornedLion212/29 2:35pm
Is there a truck that has room for 4 car seats?
HornedLion1112/27 12:55pm
Wtf happened to Gwen Stefani!?
HornedLion2412/26 9:33pm
Do you know what your son just said?
HornedLion312/25 10:55am
Don't fuck with cats!
HornedLion1912/25 1:37am
I ate too much vinegar before going to bed and I had a nightmare...
HornedLion612/23 8:05pm
Fun mobile RPG?
HornedLion1012/23 6:15pm
Looks like I'm dead.
HornedLion412/20 2:24pm
If we are just going to reboot old shit.
HornedLion1312/20 12:11pm
Pete Davidson looks like a fucking fart.
HornedLion412/20 11:58am
Nurse just laughed at me.
HornedLion3412/19 6:35pm
Remember when Star Wars use to mean something?
HornedLion2912/18 7:26pm
Am at ER. I need a new Nintendo switch game to play.
HornedLion1512/18 7:51am
I present to you... the meaning of the word, "Buttaface."
HornedLion612/16 8:01pm
Why do things really bulk out for weight training women?
HornedLion812/15 7:53pm
Lindsey Graham's Guide To Impeachment
HornedLion112/15 7:52pm
I've gone tax exempt for 75% of the year.
HornedLion1412/15 3:16pm
"I like people that weren't captured."
HornedLion10212/14 11:20pm
Look how I pooped on Pokémon norms while at work.
HornedLion612/12 3:59pm
Republicans are losing their shit today, boy.
HornedLion3912/09 7:22pm
Dogs Vs Cats
HornedLion5612/09 4:19pm
Do you think ambulance drivers get the recognition they deserve?
HornedLion1012/09 1:12pm
Does Mac Miller tour in the U.S.?
HornedLion1112/08 11:22am
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