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First of 4 Chicago teens who kidnapped/abused disabled man gets 0 years in jail.
GuyCarlPeterson10212/12 5:03pm
Anyone else watched The Runaways on Hulu? Spoilers for comic and show
GuyCarlPeterson1712/07 2:03am
tXVIII: Mac and Teepan invent Wuicide
GuyCarlPeterson24310/24 4:01pm
Hillary Clinton is using the shooting last night to talk about gun silencers.
GuyCarlPeterson8310/03 10:53am
Heifer steals MAGA hat. What she says next will shock you.
GuyCarlPeterson3010/03 5:36am
Are you guys resisting we much against Trump?
GuyCarlPeterson609/29 5:36pm
Short montage of Hillary talking about her winning the election.
GuyCarlPeterson3109/17 7:56pm
Biden compares supporters of due process to Charlottesville Nazis over Title IX.
GuyCarlPeterson1109/14 4:10pm
Gamefaqs has another Taco Bell console prize winner.
GuyCarlPeterson1109/09 7:33am
Finally watched Batman Vs Superman. Spoilers.
GuyCarlPeterson308/28 4:30am
Topic XVI: Mac and Teepan want clotheds and Wudes only
GuyCarlPeterson50007/28 4:38pm
I won Amazon Prime day 2 days late and at Wal Mart.
GuyCarlPeterson607/13 3:14pm
Harvard study: Trump gets more negative press coverage than any president.
GuyCarlPeterson7805/26 3:36pm
Army/police fighting ISIS allies in Philippine city streets of Marawi.
GuyCarlPeterson4805/24 10:16pm
I just found out Dreamcast games are still being made and released.
GuyCarlPeterson1205/05 11:05am
Youtube personalities are out of a job thanks to this AI.
GuyCarlPeterson904/28 11:30pm
Steve Terreberry gets revenge on scam callers. Mom's spaghetti everywhere.
GuyCarlPeterson104/21 4:15pm
The lady who was drugged and raped by Roman Polanski done an AMA on Reddit.
GuyCarlPeterson1204/15 8:57am
Lady keeps harassing Uber driver and threatens to accuse him of rape.
GuyCarlPeterson2404/05 8:55pm
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