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did non-Canada b8ers ever get a TV broadcast of Video & Arcade Top 10?
GuessMyUserName5505/29 9:33am
Dr. Jim "Eggman" Carrey Robotnik
GuessMyUserName2504/30 2:58pm
yay I saw a shulk lead update
GuessMyUserName310/29 8:40pm
GuessMyUserName4307/13 10:33am
It's David Hayer guys. It's David Heyter.
GuessMyUserName506/12 4:30pm
~*~ SMFFFC III-2 FINALS: CELES vs SEPHIROTH, t2 [smfffc] ~*~
GuessMyUserName2701/27 2:12pm
~*~ Annual Reminder of the Neopets Advent Calendar ~*~
GuessMyUserName412/01 11:10pm
a moose was loose in markham/toronto today
GuessMyUserName2211/25 1:09am
Save My Characters Marathon I - Nominations [smcm]
GuessMyUserName8110/24 5:33pm
Save My Ultimate Characters I: Nominations Topic [smuc]
GuessMyUserName5610/20 8:13pm
Save My Ultimate Contest I: Discussion Topic [smuc]
GuessMyUserName1010/20 4:02pm
posting from santarpgs house
GuessMyUserName5108/13 10:40pm
happy birthday santarpg
GuessMyUserName1108/09 11:44pm
FFXIII never ends: Nissan x Final Fantasy XIII
GuessMyUserName307/23 10:28pm
First baby born in Canada without assigned gender.
GuessMyUserName17807/06 9:50pm
arms theme >>>>>>> indestructible
GuessMyUserName406/17 7:48am
GuessMyUserName5706/13 6:22pm
finally I own one of my favourite games for 2 decades [seiken densetsu]
GuessMyUserName1206/12 1:07pm
Umbrella Corp is real and it's in Vietnam
GuessMyUserName706/10 12:01am
This week in Gmun Takes an Otaku Class in Japan: futa doujinshi
GuessMyUserName1406/09 6:15pm
who's playing ARMS right now
GuessMyUserName1905/28 8:09am
GuessMyUserName4805/21 12:57pm
Gohan's back.
GuessMyUserName4005/14 10:58pm
I only now found out Ganondorf has a last name, Dragmire.
GuessMyUserName5904/23 7:43am
Gmun finishes ranking (+drawing) 157 user-nommed husbandos from 2015, Top 30!
GuessMyUserName804/20 5:11am
how do you eat a burger
GuessMyUserName4004/15 5:32am
... So BotW Switch has a 102% attach rate [zelda]
GuessMyUserName1204/14 8:42am
agesboy come home
GuessMyUserName204/10 12:02pm
New $10 Canadian bill unveiled... web page has awesome graffix & Konami code
GuessMyUserName904/08 6:34pm
Dillos Containment Topic - call a doctor if our election lasts 10 pages [dillos]
GuessMyUserName3303/24 7:00am
3DS Gamin' & News Topic 2.5 - purging like a Wii VC title~
GuessMyUserName49107/20 2:51pm
dillos topic 1937 - when gmun and nio's boobies purge [conquest][j zea][dillos]
GuessMyUserName8707/08 8:43am
Board 8 Kpop Topic... again again [boram > hyomin]
GuessMyUserName907/07 9:15am
I forgot how tiny GBA SPs areee [ffcc]
GuessMyUserName507/04 7:39pm
Nintendo sounds out Denise Richards Miis for all!
GuessMyUserName1707/04 5:09pm
Mighty Switch Force HD so hot
GuessMyUserName607/03 5:29pm
Mario doesn't wear power-up suits. He transforms.
GuessMyUserName1106/30 2:37pm
Code of Princess english trailer and NA preorder bonus [atlus]
GuessMyUserName2106/29 10:45pm
GuessMyUserName2606/29 9:06pm
I didn't notice the DS Top 10 page
GuessMyUserName906/29 9:55am
dillos topic 1936 - where gmun & nio's boobies hang out [coca][cola][dillos]
GuessMyUserName4606/25 3:40pm
Layton in November~
GuessMyUserName606/21 10:40pm
"Ninja Gaiden 3 was a Japanese Hamburger. From now on we're making sushi."
GuessMyUserName1806/20 4:17pm
GuessMyUserName106/20 11:48am
how is it that the Wii has been getting the best game mods ever [mario][smg2]
GuessMyUserName1506/18 7:58pm
I'm sober but I wish I was weaku
GuessMyUserName1306/16 10:11pm
Etrian Odyssey 4 footage
GuessMyUserName506/16 12:30pm
more FE 3DS dlc - Cellica
GuessMyUserName1206/16 11:41am
adorable [kirby anniversary]
GuessMyUserName2006/14 4:11pm
nintendo sony or microsoft
GuessMyUserName5306/14 12:25pm
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