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I will leave this site forever if this topic reaches 500 and I lose the poll
France14102/23 10:21am
What should I have for breakfast?
France1202/23 1:30am
Why would russian bots want to influence America to the right?
France1502/22 11:42pm
Daddy Vladdy
France102/21 10:40pm
Why do none of my QUALITY topics get posts?
France1402/21 10:05pm
Why can't we (America) have imperialism?
France602/21 9:56pm
Sometimes I can't distinguish between things that I dreamt/though and things
France702/21 9:51pm
Why are the mods such boy scouts?
France602/21 9:42pm
Why do people always say someone is melting down?
France2702/21 5:21pm
I vote for a splitting of the board.
France702/20 8:12pm
Uber eats is really dope
France602/20 6:39pm
We apparently aren't allowed to satirize the current argumentative style
France302/20 3:18pm
France702/20 2:50pm
Getting better is a choice
France602/19 10:47pm
What really pisses me off is how people believe such baseless conspiracies.
France1202/19 4:30pm
Drinking expensive wine is fun if you ham it up
France102/19 2:07pm
Watches are the least important part of men's apparel
France2902/19 1:59am
Volunteering/community service is a joke that people do to look good
France1602/18 11:44pm
I will be applying for moderator now that I am a goodie goodie
France902/18 11:27pm
How do I resist the urge to go on a bender
France302/18 10:24pm
Dear mods, am I allowed to post a topic in which I state the users I respect the
France202/18 9:16pm
Ok last rant topic for today: "wholesomeness"
France1102/18 2:38pm
The Fam formally extends an invitation to all good posters to join.
France402/18 12:14am
I think that high level physics is the most interesting scientific field, while
France702/17 11:20pm
Why are doxxers not banned here?
France202/17 10:59pm
My favorite shitposting session was the time I made
France2702/17 8:51pm
Nice Guy Psychology
France302/17 5:43pm
Prove me wrong: our culture was better before the nerd revolution
France4002/17 5:28pm
Biology: the study of life
France402/17 2:11am
Ban all weeb afflicted individuals from this site
France4602/16 11:18pm
I don't understand how people never learn
France602/16 6:18pm
I'll do whatever poster 2 says
France4902/16 2:27pm
Why do people even care about illegal immigration?
France802/15 9:18pm
France4302/15 12:07am
I am a goodie goodie now
France602/14 8:07pm
Why is eating ass so popular these days
France1802/14 2:50am
God damn fucking quack shit
France1102/14 2:29am
I feel like no one ever understands the hidden meaning behind my topics
France302/13 10:31pm
Gun control would stop most school shooters
France2902/13 6:25pm
Sports teach kids geography
France202/13 4:48pm
I am pro euthanization
France1902/13 8:33am
I don't get why people think I'm a pathological liar.
France1002/11 10:44pm
I think I'm a bit sick mentally
France2702/11 10:37pm
I dot see why we should worry about ethics in science
France3302/11 10:18pm
Why do people pretend they don't support capital punishment?
France5102/11 5:13pm
Is there anything more pathetic than someone who gets their validation from
France902/10 10:09pm
Who is the least sane person here?
France502/10 6:55pm
I "drew" a lot of lines tonight
France702/10 3:35am
Holy fucking shit some people are so fucking stupid
France202/09 7:15pm
What is better than thrill seeking
France702/09 2:29am
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